Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Because there are rules...

Consider this your invitation to submit something. We need material. What kinds of material? All kinds! Without good material, this site would not exist. So consider this a mutually beneficial opportunity; you register and add your own content or you send stuff in to us, we give it a place to be hosted online and work as kind of an off-site backup to your material. So, with that said, here are some things to consider when planning a submission:

First, and most important, please review the Risus License Information document, located in the .zip file for Risus: The Anything RPG.

If you're looking to make official Risus published things, contact Risus' owner Dave LeCompte for freelancing opportunities!

What Gets In

  • Written articles, art, settings, adventures, rules stuff and new ideas that relates to Risus in some way, or is of a non-system-specific nature that can easily be made of some use to Risus gamers.

  • Material that has already been published (on a personal webpage, for example) is acceptable as long as there are no legal issues regarding our republication.

  • All forms of artwork are acceptable – hand drawn, computer generated, computer modified photographs, etc. Art work submitted that is not related to a specific article will most likely be used to enhance the content of another article (full credit will be given).

  • You must be the legal owner of the submission and you retain responsibility for it (works released under an appropriate Creative Commons license are also allowed).

  • All submissions should be appropriate for a general audience (PG-13 at most - it’s not us, but our mothers might check this out, so try to keep it family friendly).

In addition, all submissions must meet moderator approval. Objectionable material may be removed or revised at their discretion.

How We Want It

If you are using the wiki, then you can format things how you like.

Besides obvious things like attributing yourself at the beginning or end of the article, make sure your submission:

  • Passes a basic spelling check

  • Has consistent grammar

  • Says what you wanted it to say in a concise manner (this one can be pretty tricky)

  • Mentions of the word "Cliché" capitalized and with the acute accent. Holt ALT on your keyboard, then type 130, then release ALT. There's your é! Or ALT+144 for É, if you're screaming.

All graphics must include the artists signature or other defining mark (don’t expect us to keep track of your art for you).

What You Get

  • All the glory of being hosted on here, the premier Risus fan site, the Risusiverse! With that comes the peace of mind that your work has backup online.

  • You retain all copyright to your material, but grant Risusiverse perpetual non-exclusive rights to host your work online and to edit/update it as necessary.

  • No payment or compensation is available for authors or artists (or staff for that matter). No other rewards are promised or implied. Sorry!

Submitting via Email?

How to send it to us

  • All submissions should include the authors email address and/or real name. Neither of them need to be published, but we like to have them. If you wish to have your email address suppressed or your work credit to a handle or nickname, include that information in your email message. Unless you specifically tell us otherwise, we will post the article as is, with any credits you have in there.

  • All submissions should be included in the body of the email. Attachments may be considered on a case-by-case basis; PDFs are preferable if an attachment is necessary, and the smaller the file size, the better.

  • Article submissions should be emailed to – please put “[SUB] Title of Submission” in the subject line of your email. For example: “[SUB] Rock-Scissor-Paper Risus Resolution”. If you have associated art to submit, attach it to your message (compressed with .zip compression to save on server space and bandwidth).

  • If you have an independent art submission you should email – and attach your images (compressed with .zip compression to save on server space and bandwidth).

  • Once you have submitted your article, please be very conservative about sending updates later on. Make sure you are happy with your article before you submit it!

What Happens Next

All authors and artists should receive an email within 7 days about the status of the article. If you do not receive a reply in 7 days please send a follow-up email to - Be sure to mention the title of the article you are asking about.

Questions regarding these guidelines can be sent to

Keep in mind that pretty much anything here can be ignored (save for the Risus Fan-Document Policies in the Risus .zip file) if your work is amazing, outstanding, incredible and totally out of this world. A tough order to fill, but we've been surprised before, and always hope to be surprised again!