How to come up with something for game night when you're completely clueless.

You need a big bad guy. Well call him Mr. Bad Guy (6). Everything else from there is just steps. You have to evade or destroy the Goblin Patrol (3) and the Minotaur Elite Guard [4], sneak into the Heavily Trapped Castle of Echoing DOOM-Doom-doom..... (5), and face down the Evil Henchman (5) with Magical Tendencies [2]. This is Risus, after all, so be as cliche as you need to be. You can even make it easier on yourself and write down each step on one of your fingers. So, starting from the thumb, we would have Goblin Patrol, Minotaur Elite, Castle of Doom, Evil Henchman, and Mr. Bad Guy. Five obstacles, five fingers. For the other hand list some allies, bonuses, or items they might be likely to run into. (There's something deliciously absurd about putting the boss bad guy on your pinkie. Throws off the players, if they sneak a peek at your hand.)

Anachromerica FFA

  • Thumb: Beverly Killbillies (3)

  • Index: Hippie Zombies Kidnapped by Aliens (3)

  • Middle: Governator's LalaLand Estate (5)

  • Ring: Darth Nader [4]

  • Pinkie: The Governator [5]

Xenosaga FFA

  • Thumb: U-TIC Troops (2) (Some have grenade launchers (+2))

  • Index: Gnosis [2] (Average Gnosis, Ogres, Trolls, Kobolds, and Manticores. Change stats as needed.)

  • Middle: Gargoyle (Cherenkov) (4) Sidekicks: Odogue (2) x2

  • Ring: Tiamat [4] (If attacked by Shion or Jr. just prior to attacking, add +4 to attack.)

  • Pinkie: Albedo [6]

I'll add some more examples of Five-Finger Adventures as they come to me, or I get bored. Whichever comes first. Feel free to leave comments with ideas or suggestions.