The Paladin Born

Paladin Born

Paladin characters are created in the same manner as any other Risus character. They start with 10 dice and can divide them amongst their clichés as are fitting for the specific Paladin campaign being run. However, if players wish to play actual Paladin's, they must conform to the following conventions:

Double Pumped

However the Paladin cliché is denoted, it must be purchased as a double pump cliché. This represent the intense training and mystical abilities of their order.

Animus Points

Everyone in a Paladin campaign is given Animus points. Animus points must be divided between light and dark (good and evil or whatever other euphamism you wish to use). Each player is given 6 Animus points if they have a Paladin cliché, otherwise, 4 points. The only given rule regarding the division of Animus points is that you must have more points in your starting light Animus than your starting dark Animus.

Players with a Paladin cliché can accumulate up to 20 Animus points. Other players can accumulate 10 Animus points.

See The Flow of Animus for more details.