Diceless Risus

Diceless Risus

Want to play Risus without dice? Here's a basic way to do it (from what I've read, this is similar to Nobilis). Create your character in the normal process. Add a line for Pool. Pool represents your character's will and desire to accomplish something above and beyond the normal call of duty. Your initial Pool is equivalent to your character's starting die total (point total if funky dice are used). Your Pool will only change if you spend some of it or via GM decree.

To take out the dice, just assume that the larger rank will win a given conflict (for campaigns that use funky dice, the higher point total wins). That's it. This will take some work on the GM's part (for single action rolls against a target number, the GM will need to determine what level of a given cliché is required to succeed (similar to the process of determining a target number to begin with)).

Pumping and double pumping (if allowed in the campaign) work as normal (effectively raising the appropriate cliché level for a given conflict, but lowering it after the conflict is resolved). As normal, it is up to the GM to determine when your effective cliché rank is returned to normal (i.e. your cliché will be lowered by the amount of the pump until the GM says it is back to normal).

The Pool comes into play by providing a means for someone with a lower rank in a given cliché a chance to win a conflict. Players may use any portion of their Pool as a temporary increase in rank for the cliché they are using. The Pool is lowered by the number of ranks increased (if the campaign is using funky dice, you must raise your rank by the number of points required for the die type of the cliché (i.e. if you increase your Gladiator (3d8) by 2 ranks, you must lower your Pool by 16 points)). You cannot lower your Pool below 0. Using the Pool, it is possible to raise your rank above 6 (you do not upgrade to the next die type). Note: the GM can modify the rank of an opponent's cliché by using the opponent's Pool.

It is up to the GM to determine when your Pool is replenished. Depending on the GM, it may be quite a while before you will get some of your Pool back (you have been warned).