Risus Gijika

Risus Gijika

Risus Gijika

  • Genre: Anime

  • Tone: Humorous

  • Campaign Options: Any kind.

  • Points/Dice: 10 Dice

  • Description: Absurd adventures of fan created anime girls.

"Gijika" is the recent Japanese Internet meme of creating personifications (in female anime/manga characters) of inanimate objects or popular consumer products.

“Part of the humor of this personification comes from the personality ascribed to the character (often satirical) and the sheer arbitrariness of identifying a variety of machines, objects, and even physical places as cute.” source of quote: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_titles.

Most of the characters of this fandom have the suffix –tan at the end of their name to signify their cuteness. Some of them are official product mascots (e.g. Digi Charat), others are unofficial (e.g. Habanero-tan, the OS-tan girls).

Creating your meme character

  • Step 1: Think of a concept around a product (or other inanimate thing) to create your character.

  • Step 2: Figure out an anime girl archetype for your character (e.g. cat-girl, miko, maid, nurse...)

  • Step 3: Add a weird power (or powers) that might be associated to the product your character endorses or from her archetype.


Description: Japanese girl with an impressive collection of Japanese school uniforms. She wears a box of Pocky on her head all the time.
Clichés: Hyperactive "Pocky" school girl (4), Melt-your-mouth Japanese sweetheart (3), Pocky dart throwing attack (2).
Tools of the trade: Boxes, and boxes of Pocky; yes-Pocky creatures (3).

Anime/manga series for adventure ideas

  • Digi Charat

  • Bincho-tan

  • the Habanero-tan webcomic

  • Nurse Witch Komugi-chan

  • Bottle fairy