NPC: Randy "Doc" Savage

NPC: Randy "Doc" Savage

Name: Randy "Doc" Savage, The Macho Man of Bronze


A tall, well-muscled bronze skinned man with a widow's peak hairstyle and John Lennon-styled sunglasses. His somewhat brutal appeatance is softened by an intelligent gaze and a ready smile. Randy "Doc" Savage is a profesional wrestler, philanthropist, and adventurer who fights evil across Anachromerica using both brains and brawn!


    • Renaissance Man of Bronze [5]

    • Flamboyant but Honorable Professional Wrestler [4]

    • Well Connected Fighter of Evil (4)

    • Well Travelled Wealthy Philanthropist (4)


small gadgets, mini-lab; foreign objects, wrestling ring (for great battles)


Cannot resist a plea for help. Also, not really a hook, but Doc Savage always refers to himself in the third person. Always.


One of the premiere heroes of Anachromerica, Randy "Doc" Savage, The Macho Man of Bronze's past is shrouded in mystery. What is known is that at an early age he travelled across the nation to study with the greatest Wrestling Masters. During this time he also studied at the great universities as well, expanding his mind as well as his body. After his studies, Doc helped mount expeditions to unexplored lands in a quest for knowledge. It was during this time that he gained his vast fortune and met the love of his life, Princess Shannon Elizabeth Tweed. This occured during his quest for the legenday Mask of Santo, greatest of the Luchador Kings, hidden in the Avacado Jungle of Death. Doc Savage has fought evil in every nation of Anachromerica, in the wrestling ring and beyond. He has allies in every port of call and

can travel almost anywhere freely. With the help of his squad of experts known as the amazing Thunder Agents, and the lovely Miss Elizabeth by his side, his combination of brilliant analysis and brutal combat skill is truly a force of good to be reckoned with.

Author's Note

Thanks to friends Joe Gepfert for saying that this was a "so wrong but so hilarious idea" and Jim Lucius for the Shannon Elizabeth Tweed reference. That sparked of another idea in my head.

Just had to do it,

Mike David Jr.

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