Barbarian Light

Barbarian Light

Genre: Far Future Fantasy

World Synopsis

The World of Barbarian Light has a varied history, much of which has been lost to time. Some of that history, though, has come back to haunt the world.

For once, long ago, there was a time of war. It was a time of tragedy and an everlasting sorrow. Though each age can claim as much, this age stands out as the beginning, as the First Age. The First Age began with a spark of life, mundane. Earth was shielded from magic by a gauntlet that held the laws of the universe in check. As the legend goes, this gauntlet was broken, then Earth got its first ring. It has been many ages since the end of the First Age, the end of Nations. Something pierced the sky. When the moon was hit and shattered, it spread across the heavens. The earth cracked, a power once left forgotten arose to crush the leaders of the world and nearly destoryed all humans. The Second Age began when the sleeper had awakened. It wasn't much, but one magic creature sprung forth breaking the seal that bound the Earth from its magic. This began a chain of events that sent Earth into a spiral from modern to fantastic. Something dark stood back and was watching Earth's history unfold. A Dragon discovered technology. Through the Second Age, the new powers continued shattering the gauntlet that was protecting earth, allowing magic to pour back into the world. The Third Age brought the high-minded humans. They seized control, and improved themselves beyond what was possible. The Third Age brought science to the peak of knowledge and nearly ripped the earth in two. Again, the gauntlet protecting the earth was torn through. Then the aberrations came, mutations of science, of magic, and of unnatural things. This began the Age of Death. Undead roamed the earth freely. Saran, son of Domic and Aril, was born. This began the Age of Fear when evil and good fell in love. Dragons rose up to tame the world and bend it to their will. They claimed themselves rulers. Then began the Ages of Time, when all was dormant and quiet, leaving a hole in history. The Age of Thieves came quietly and was abruptly halted by the Age of Dark Wizards. The world dwindled and broke apart. It was the Age of Isolation, dark and dismal. Now, it is a new age, strange and with new kinds of heroes arising in this barbaric world. It is being hailed as the Age of Barbarian Light, as it is made right through might.

Barbarians were the outsiders, foreigners, savages, and people not of the city or civilization. Marking the beginning of this age, many barbarians have attempted to rule, and yet each tyrant fell by way of battle or time. The lands are too divided, and its people are too untamed. There are a few true kings who honor their people and defend them with their might. Still, it is yet the darkest of ages, and in many ways these barbarians are its brightest hope. Magic wields great power, and the sword commands armies. Technology has been twisted. Only time will tell if this new age lives up to its name.

The setting for Barbarian Light is an unbridled savage land. Civilization, modern, ancient, and futuristic may be found in patches. This is high fantasy mixed with a little high tech and Science Fantasy. The world has had 100,000 years to evolve, helped along with magic and science against the backdrop of great struggles for power. This leaves room for fantastic characters, unbelievable events and epic journeys. Creatures have survived to get to where they are now. No small feat. Your characters are the product of this chain of events. The natural social order of things has been up heaved so often that some of the older creatures have learned to take each great age as the cycle of life. Where do you fit into this fantastic and impossible world in the age of Barbarian Light?


Be they Humanoid, Magical, Clerical, Natural, Shapeshifters, Fighters, Barbarians, Cyborgs, Androids, Plants, Beasts, Psionicists, Werecreatures, Vampires (blood or otherwise), Demons (good or evil), Ghosts, Angels (good or evil), aberrations (natural or not), Aliens (trapped on earth and very rare), and just about anything else that can be dreamed up, these are available to the players. Impossible hybrid characters like Hill Giant Pixies and Vampiric Angels do exist, and are available as characters. Even though extremely advanced technology does exist, it is overshadowed by fantasy. In Barbarian Light, Fighters can cast spells. Wizards and Witches can wear armor. Androids can be Druids. If you ever wanted to play a bloodsucking toothfairy with a gun, now is your chance.

The Red Territory

As it happened long ago, the place at which you now stand is on the land called Red Territory. It was way back when that this land was split by more than a league. A small band of odd folk crossed into the unknown and brought back with them the demons that haunt us here. You see they opened a portal of some sort. In their attempt to shut down the demon dimesion they opened the portal too wide and the demonspawn came pouring out. Not just from the portal, but all over the land. Sky castles and all. The demonland pushed its way into our land. It changed where things were. Some people changed too. Got holy demon priests now. Strangest thing. Hard to look at sometimes. That's where the Red Territory comes in. This place was a centerpoint between two towns, but here was fairyland. Right smack in the middle. Who knows what kind of mumbo jumbo went on here, but things changed. One town was full of them mentalists. The other was a town for travelers. Not a big town, but popular as a stopover. Red Territory's got some magic on it now that makes the fighter not want to fight. Too depressing to stay too long, as most of us are just passing through, its alright to stay a few days or a week. More than that, and you're asking for trouble.

Morthic Tars and Wrath's Circle

North of the Red Territory lies a canyon pass called Wrath's Circle. This pass is cage of sorts, a sprung trap to elemental winds that haunt the place. Traveling through this pass is dangerous. Nothing grows in Wrath's Circle. The winds are superheated sand blaster creatures that can rip the scales from a dragon. Travel through the pass without a Wind Mage is both foolish and a sure way to get yourself killed. Dotted along the pass are tar pits. It is unknown what the pits truely are, only that they will consume any and all that pass.

Great Lake

To the West lies the Great Lake. There is only one way across the lake, by ferry. The fish of the lake have learned to jump high enough to catch birds in flight. Their sharp teeth are only matched by their hunger for fresh meat. The undead have little to fear from these fish. And for that reason, the ferryboat crosses atop a giant undead tortouise. Half way across the lake lies two islands. Baroc's Island is the northen island and is home to a Necromancer. He has turned the island into a resort of sorts. His rides involve touring the scary undead grounds behind the safety of a fence. The southern island is home to were falcons. The enchanted island turns all its inhabitants into were falcons. After the first night of staying at Falcon Island, characters begin to crave fresh meat. It's not a strong craving, but it's enough to notice. Leaving within a few days allows the character to return to normal. Much longer and the change would be permanent. The West side of the Great Lake has market town called York. You can find just about anything at this market.

Vampire City

Further West of the Great Lake lies a ruined city that exists in perpetual darkness surrounded by perpetual sunlight. A great spell woven around the city moves the light of the day from the city to its boarders. It is known now as the city of vampires, and is run by a Shadow that is not a vampire. The light surrounding the city stops all but the day walkers from coming and going. Within the city are vampires and the ghouls that hunt them. Ghouls crave the blood of vampires.