Here are some pre-made, ready-to-run adventures. Add a link and a description to your submitted adventures under the appropriate category. If you don't see your adventure's category, feel free to add it to the collection.

Be sure to check out the Settings page too, for game worlds to set your adventure in.

Official Risus Modules

  • Toast of the Town - A peaceful little town has a little problem with demons. The PCs are here to help, right? Right!

  • A Kringle in Time - Learn the true meaning of Christmas, or at the very least, get into some wild, holiday-themed shenanigans.

  • Ring of Thieves - A free fantasy solitaire adventure. That's right, you can get yourself in all kinds of trouble, no GM required!

  • Slimes in Blossom Grove - A tiny village suddenly has a big slime problem in this Risus adventure. So. Many. Slimes! This one's been translated to German too!

  • The Tower of the Dragon's Tears - The PCs will explore an abandoned magical tower at the behest of an obsessed gnome in this fantasy adventure from the Risus Kickstarter project.

Adventure Design

Fanstasy Adventures

  • Fantasy First - A basic adventure outline for a first adventure in a fantasy campaign.

  • Meggido Unearthed - This is a two part game, loosely based on some of my favorite RPG's, notably Final Fantasy I, Star Ocean, and Shadow Hearts.

  • The Nameless Village - Part one of a three part fantasy adventure.

  • Moonbright - A witch in Moonbright has been turning the children into scarecrows. You must put a stop to this madness!

  • Heroes of Butterpond Castle - A mysterious blight plagues the land and is killing the life trees! You must venture outside Butterpond Forest to investigate.

Western Adventures

Modern Adventures

Sci-Fi Adventures

  • Space Pirates - Short game module you can jump right into with a large number of options.

  • Shadows Escaping the Tooth - More space pirates await in this adventure, with some political garnish too!

  • Under Broken Moons - The mad scientist Professor Jeebies is on the loose and it's up to the PCs to stop him!

Steampunk Adventures

Wacky Adventures

Solo Adventures (no GM required)

  • The Interview - Take on the role of John Trent, Mild Mannered Reporter on this introductory adventure to Risus.

  • Solo Adventure Module - Random adventure generation.

  • Rogue Risus - What does Risus, NetHack and a deck of Tarot Cards all have in common? Nothing, unless you play Rogue Risus!

  • No Mates Risus - Go Mano-a-Mazmorra against a randomly generated dungeon. No GM required!

  • No Mates Risus: Cthulhu Edition - I'm sure you can survive the horrors of the Cthulhu Mythos on your own. Go for it!