The Prophecy

The Prophecy


This adventure uses the SHGGFTAWSGDSSFDF setting by Dan Suptic. You will need to be familiar with both Risus and SHGGFTAWSGDSSFDF to run this game.

It is set in the Lego Movie universe, some years before the events of the film. The Lego Movie Wiki is a useful source of background information. There is a map of the realms at Rock Raiders United.

As per the standard setup for SHGGFTAWSGDSSFDF, don't give your players any clues as to what kind of game they're going to play. Just tell them to create standard characters, from any period, setting, or genre. Don't let them discuss or compare their characters.


Mr Kuri-kana-suro-san hands the characters a small Lego tile. It appears to have writing on it, but it's far too small to read. He says, "You deliver this to Vitruvius. Not deliver, get bamboo sword. You go to Transportertron now!"


The characters will arrive in Lego land, as Lego minifigure versions of themselves. The tile is now much bigger relative to them, and they can read it. It's titled “The Prophecy”, and says “The special will defeat Lord Business. Blah blah blah. Just tell them anything, it doesn't matter as long as they believe in it.


The Lego Movie universe is split into realms. Each one will have lots of people that are appropriate to that realm, and some visitors from other realms.

In every realm, walls are being built to prevent people getting to other realms. There are guards patrolling the border and unfinished wall.

At some point, the characters should meet Bad Cop (4)/Good Cop (4). They may also meet one or more master builders (eg Superman, Batman, Abraham Lincoln, Gandalf, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman) who will generally be happy to help.

There will be lots of Ordinary Lego Person (2) in each realm. They may be willing to help, but won't have especially useful skills or information.

There are police in every realm, looking for people that aren't from that realm. They will try to catch anyone not from that realm, and take them to their own realm. Most people won't resist, but a few will. Any that are caught will be put in the back of police vans and driven off to the most appropriate realm.

Pirate's Cove

They arrive in the Pirate's Cove realm, just as Lord Business is beginning to block the realms off from each other. There are lots of people that don't fit in a pirate realm, and lots of police. A wall is being built at the border. There are guards patrolling the border and unfinished wall.

The realm is made up of islands, all of which have natural harbours, beaches, and lots of trees.

Unless the characters are all pirates or look like they would fit in a Lego pirate set, police will try to catch them (and anyone else that doesn't fit in) and take them to the most appropriate realms.


In Pirate's Cove, the characters may meet MetalBeard. He is a Master Builder (3), and at this point, still looks like a normal Lego Pirate (4). His ship will be close by. He'll be happy to help, and will tell them that the last time he saw Vitruvius was in Middle Zealand. According to the map, it's possible to get to Middle Zealand by boat from Pirate's Cove.

MetalBeard may refer to the “Rules of the Sea”:

The first rule of the sea is “Never place your rear end on a pirate's face”.

The other rules are:

  • Always abandon a lost cause

  • Never wear a dress on a Tuesday

  • Never put ye hand in a clam's mouth

  • Jolly Rogers are not for eating

  • Never release a kraken

Middle Zealand

Middle Zealand has Dragons, Mutton, Torture weapons, Knights, Literature, and Castles.


  • Knight

  • Princess

  • Author

  • Dragon


  • George: Knight (3)

  • Mondrot: Dragon (3)

  • Geoffrey: Author and Poet (4)

  • Amelda: Princess (4)

George and Mondrot are very good friends. They both support Lord Business' plan to stop people moving between realms, and won't help the characters.

Geoffrey will be willing to help, but doesn't know anything useful. He may offer to write a poem or story about the characters' heroic quest.

Amelda is working with Vitruvius to try and stop Lord Business. Vitruvius was in Middle Zealand to see her, but left to go to Cloud Cuckoo Land.

Cloud Cuckoo Land

Cloud Cuckoo Land is inside a cloud near Middle Zealand, ruled by a pink Unicorn-Kitty hybrid named Unikitty.

It is built out of colourful bricks, has many inhabitants, and has no rules. There is a huge building shaped like a dog's head.


Unikitty is very acrobatic, strong, and flexible. She is very happy, and suppresses negative emotions of all kinds. She can use her horn to create sparkles and fire blasts of sparkly objects that resemble happiness, such as flowers, wands, and butterflies.

She is normally pink, but turns green when she is seasick. If she gets angry, she turns red.

She will be very happy to see the characters, and will help them. She will tell them that Vitruvius visited her, but had to go to Bricksburg.

Unikitty is a Master Builder (4), and is Always Happy (3).


Bricksburg is a Lego city, populated by minifigs with city-themed occupations.


  • Barrista

  • Construction worker

  • Business person

Vitruvius went to Bricksburg after Middle Zealand, so the characters will probably find him here. He's looking for construction workers to help him build tunnels between the walls that Lord Business is building.

The characters may also meet Lucy (Wyldstyle from the Lego Movie). At this time, she is a Cheerful Pop Singer (4). She has neon blue hair with fuschia stripes. Vitruvius is teaching her to become a Master Builder (2).


Vitruvius has white eyes and brown skin. He has white, long hair and a beard that is braided near the end. His white robe is open to reveal a tie-dye shirt and jeans. He also sports an orange headband. He is notably taller than the other minifigs as his legs are a brick. His magic staff is a chewed-up lollipop stick with a large, green chunk still on it.

He will be happy to get the prophecy, and will thank the characters for their clever idea.

He is a Master Builder (4).

NPC Cliches

  • Police: Cop (2)

  • Wall/border guards: Guard (3)

  • Wall builders: Builder (1)

  • Master builder


  • Atlantis

  • Bricksburg

  • Cape Space

  • Dino Island

  • Forest of Obsolete Products

  • Middle Zealand

  • The Old West

  • Pharaoh's Quest

  • Pirate's Cove

  • Technic Mecha Mine

  • Viking's Landing

  • Vladek's Realm

  • Cloud-Cuckoo Land