Million: Another Fantasy City

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Million: Another Fantasy City

Just to make something clear, I usually speak French, but I figured I'd reach more people with my Broken English. Hopefully you'll be able to understand everything.

So, this is my humble attempt at creating a fantasy setting for Risus: The Anything RPG by S. John Ross. Though Risus really is much better than chocolate (and totally orgasmic with the Companion), you don't absolutely need to use it to enjoy this material, but not doing so puts your brain cells at risk, so I'd think about it if I were you. Plus, you can get Risus for free here as well as all sorts of cool Free Fan-Supplements. Risusiverse is also a neat place to find fan goodies.

Here are some highlights on Million:

  • Death has been forbidden due to space shortage.

  • A rabbit sits on the throne.

  • Lust is not sought in the Red Light district.

  • Pumpkins are considered a menace.

  • Foxy smooth shower is a type of rain.

Risus: The Anything RPG was created by S. John Ross and is Copyright ©1993-2013,2021 by Dave LeCompte

Million: Another Fantasy City ©2008-2010 by André Lacerte.