Super-Shiny Bright Bright Polish

Super-Shiny Bright Bright Polish - A Risus Adventure


This adventure was created by my wife, Jen Phillips, and is hosted here with permission. It is for Risus, and is set in the very silly SHGGFTAWSGDSSFDF setting created by Dan Suptic. You will need to be familiar with both Risus and SHGGFTAWSGDSSFDF to run this game.

Jen ran the game for myself and our two children (six and ten years old). It was great fun, and although it was designed to be played with our children, it should work for adults too.

As per the standard setup for SHGGFTAWSGDSSFDF, don't give your players any clues as to what kind of game they're going to play. Just tell them to create standard characters, from any period, setting, or genre. Don't let them discuss or compare their characters.

Mission Briefing

Once the characters have come to terms with their new circumstances, Mr Kuri-kana-suro-san gives them their first mission. Handing them a small tin, he says, "You deliver this super-shiny bright bright polish to Mr R. Deer. It must be delivered before 7:00pm. Not deliver, you get bamboo sword. You go now!"


The Transportatron delivers the characters to a very cold, snowy, environment (the far north of Norway). There is a village nearby. Dusk falls very early at this time of year, and so it will start to get dark about an hour or so after the characters arrive. Fog is falling, and it will get thicker as the adventure progresses.

Soon after the characters arrive, they will be attacked by a large humanoid creature covered in furs: an Abominable Snowman, which has clichés Smash (4) and Hide (3).

The Village

If the characters go to the village they will find the villagers to be very friendly and helpful. If they ask about Mr R. Deer, they will be told that Lars knows all about the deer, and that he will be at the tavern soon.

When Lars arrives, his large coat, hat, and boots make him look a lot like the abominable snowman. He has Snowmaster (4) and Lumberjack (3). As the villagers said, he knows the deer and also the local area. He's happy to help the characters and will take them to see the deer if they ask. Any queries about the whereabouts of Mr R. Deer will be met with offers to take the characters to see the deer.

By the time they leave, it will be dark and very foggy. The fog and darkness are no impediment to Lars - he knows the area so well that he can drive his snowmobile through the forest very fast, even in the dark.

The Deer

Lars will park his snowmobile, then guide the characters to a clearing, which has reindeer grazing. Lars will introduce the deer: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolph. All the reindeer are friendly and will come to the characters, sniffing for food.

Rudolph is slightly different to the others - he has some small pink patches on his body, notably on his nose. If the characters offer the tin to Rudolph, he will snuffle in it, hoping to find food. When he brings his nose out, the polish has made it bright and shiny. You might even say it glows.

Just after 7:00pm Nicholas, a large man in a red coat, comes into the clearing. A very friendly character, he wonders aloud how he will manage to do his deliveries in the fog. Seeing Rudolph, he comments, "Rudolf, with your nose so bright, you shall guide my sleigh tonight".

Lars is very happy that the characters have helped his friend, and offers to buy them all drinks at the village tavern. If they accept, they will arrive late back at Delta Five, which will annoy Mr Kuri-kana-suro-san.