Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy


This adventure uses the SHGGFTAWSGDSSFDF setting created by Dan Suptic. You will need to be familiar with both Risus and SHGGFTAWSGDSSFDF to run this game. It is designed for children, especially those that have read Zog by Julia Donaldson, as they may recognise some of the characters.

As per the standard setup for SHGGFTAWSGDSSFDF, don't give your players any clues as to what kind of game they're going to play. Just tell them to create standard characters, from any period, setting, or genre. Don't let them discuss or compare their characters.


Mr Kuri-kana-suro-san hands the characters a book titled “Anatomy of the Human Body”, by Henry Gray. He says, “You deliver this to Miss P Pearl. Not deliver, get bamboo sword. You go to Transportertron now!”


The characters arrive in an area of countryside. Nearby, a group of young dragons are being taught to breathe fire by a teacher (Madam Dragon). Some of the dragons, not yet having got the technique, breathe snow instead of fire. They don't know anyone by the name of Miss P Pearl.

Madam Dragon: Dragon (6), Teacher (3)

The dragon students fight as a team: Dragon (3)

A rival team from Delta 3 (one of Kuri-kana-suro-san's competitors) arrive a little while after the characters. They are here to kill Madam Dragon, to prevent her teaching Zog. Her pupils will defend her. The characters can get involved (on either side) or not, as they wish. The rivals fight as a team: Time Travellers (5).

If the characters help the dragons, Madam Dragon will tell them about a human village over the hill. She suggests that someone there might know Miss P Pearl.

Feel free to add encounters with unicorns, knights, royals, mermaids, etc. People and animals are generally friendly, and animals can talk.

At the village, they will meet a squire named Gadabout. He will tell them that a young princess named Pearl lives at the nearby castle. This is the Miss P Pearl that the characters are supposed to deliver the book to.


They will need to find a way in, probably avoiding the guards. Each guard is Guard (3)

When they find her, Princess Pearl is wearing a very frilly dress and embroidering a cushion. She is obviously very bored. She will be delighted with the book, taking an immediate and keen interest. The book inspires her to become a doctor.

Princess Pearl: Bored Princess (1)