Control Codes

Control Codes


This adventure uses the SHGGFTAWSGDSSFDF setting by Dan Suptic. You will need to be familiar with both Risus and SHGGFTAWSGDSSFDF to run this game.

This adventure takes place in the Farscape universe, so is best for fans of that show. It's set slightly before the first Farscape episode.

As per the standard setup for SHGGFTAWSGDSSFDF, don't give your players any clues as to what kind of game they're going to play. Just tell them to create standard characters, from any period, setting, or genre. Don't let them discuss or compare their characters.


Mr Kuri-kana-suro-san hands the characters a data chip with a Peacekeeper logo on it (the chip contains Moya's control codes). He says, “You deliver this to Dominar Rygel XVI. Not deliver, get bamboo sword. You go to Transportertron now!”


They will arrive at a commerce planet, in a shopping area. Moya is in orbit, part of a peacekeeper fleet. It is not common knowledge that Rygel XVI has been imprisoned, but some are aware or have heard rumours. Rygel was deposed and imprisoned over 130 cycles ago. The current dominar is Bishan I.

The characters will need to find a transporter. Then they will need to find Moya. She's the only leviathan, and the only prison ship, in the fleet.

Several NPCs are listed below that may be useful. Karvok has information that will help, but will want to be paid for the information. Kornata will be willing to buy DNA from them, thus providing them with currency that could be used to pay Karvok. Bekhesh will be able to transport them for a fee.


They will need to persuade Pilot to allow them onto Moya.

The characters will have to get past guards, either by avoiding or fighting them. Each guard has a pulse pistol.

Rygel may be in his cell or elsewhere. He has learned how to get around Moya's narrow passages. He will be suspicious, and assume they're a trap of some sort.

Commerce Planet NPCs


Humanoid, several small lumps and markings on her face. She knows about Rygel's imprisonment, that Moya is a prison ship, and that Moya is in orbit.

  • Trader in information (4)


Humanoid, head is greenish brown and lumpy. He will buy interesting DNA. The characters may want to sell him some of their DNA to get some currency.

  • Biological Scientist (6)

Currencies include:

  • Kelvic crystals

  • Mesot

  • Crindar (Scarran currency)

  • Corvinium (rare and valuable)

  • Borinium ingots (valuable)


Humanoid, with a lumpy face and long hair. His left eye is almost closed.

A telepath, he may be able to work out what the PCs want and help them.

  • Telepath (4)


Humanoid, tough looking, with a reddish face. The top half of her skull is covered in metal.

She owns a small transporter, and may ferry the characters for a fee.

  • Transporter pilot (4)


Humanoid, with silvery skin and hair, dark eyes and lips.

A professional pickpocket, he may try to steal something from the PCs.

  • Pickpocket (4)

  • Survivor (3)

Moya NPCs


Dominar Rygel XVI is the deposed ruler of the Hynerian Empire (600 billion subjects). He's been a Peacekeeper prisoner for over 130 cycles.

Small, slug-like creature, 26 inches tall.

  • Deposed Dominar (5)

  • Glutton (4)

Ka D'Argo

  • Luxan warrior (4)

  • Musician (2)

Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan

  • Ninth level Delvian priestess (4)

  • Biologist (3)


  • Leviathan pilot (3)

  • Resigned servant (2)

Peacekeeper Guards

There is a Peacekeeper Lieutenant (5) and several Peacekeeper Guards (4) on board Moya.