One Page Challenge

One Page Challenge

Under the Risus One Page Challenge, you have 2 weeks to create an adventure or setting for Risus that fits on one page: maps, encounters, stats, everything necessary included on that one-page (preferably as a PDF or other document that can be viewed from just about any computer).

It can be sci-fi, fantasy, horror, comedy, whatever... but here's the real challenge: EVERYONE'S adventure must somehow prominently utilize the criteria for the given challenge.

When submitting content to a One Page Challenge, send your files to the Risusiverse admin.

To create a challenge, add the due date and challenge criteria below. Once the due date comes and all entries have been sent, a new folder containing the entries and short description will be added to this page.

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Archived One Page Challenges

  • #1 - 7/21/2011 - The adventure must use the following keywords: Abandoned, Howling, Obelisk.

  • #2 - 10/11/2011 - Make a mash-up of two, pre-1980 television shows.

  • #3 - 1/1/2012 - These adventures must be holiday themed.

  • #4 - 11/7/2012 - Create a one page setting, with a Steampunk theme.

  • #5 - 1/14/2013 - Create a high magic, non-medieval fantasy one page setting.

  • #6 - 9/15/2014 - Convert your favorite book series over to Risus.

  • #7 - 5/25/2015 - The Social Bottle Episode.