For the most part this universe setup is more of a guide to creating a character in the Naruto universe because to make an adventure in the Naruto universe is pretty straightforward. First off the story can obviously take place at any point in the Naruto universe that you want so I don't need to go over that.There is one major change and that is that people use all of their cliches in conjunction when playing and not just one because the cliches are not set up the same way(this is why the character creation becomes so much more involving).


First off you are given 4 dice one to decide the village or organization you will be associated with, one to decide what clan you are from, one to decide what type of ninja you will be, and one final die to decide what your rank or position is as a ninja.

Special Skills



You will almost always start out as a genin however there may be cases where you start off lower or higher for special stories.

After setting this up, you will then get between 10 and 12 dice (Based on what your GM wants) to divide up among your mastery's of different types of jutsus. The number of dice you have on a type of Jutsu decides what level of that Jutsu can learn up to out of the 4 levels. Each die represents one level and 3 jutsus. Example: If you have two dice on the Genjutsu type, you can learn up to 6 (3 * 2) level 1 and or 2 Genjutsu type jutsus.

The final step to creating a character is to choose what jutsus he/she will know based on what Jutsu cliches they have. Currently I am only adding jutsus from the manga version of the game because I do noit folow the anime very much however i may add the anime techniques eventually. To find the jutsu lists look on the sidebar under the Naruto link.

You are now ready to begin your adventure.