Here's a collection of great settings for Risus, for GMs and players needing a world to play in. Add a link and a description to your submitted settings under the appropriate category. If you don't see your setting's category, feel free to add it to the collection.

Don't forget to check out the Adventures page, for specific adventures to run your players through.

Mythic Settings

Fantasy Settings

Historical Settings

Western Settings

  • Cowboys and Indie Bands - The long awaited successor to Risus Mariachi is here at last!

  • Silverlode - Fantastic adventures in the last days of the Weird West.

  • Dusters and Six Guns - Follow the code of the west? Got grit? Then come test your mettle with Dusters and Six Guns.

Pulp Settings

  • Adventure Street Omnibus - A (sort of) serious adaptation of various genres of Pulp Magazine Adventures for Risus.

  • Silver Screen - Reliving 40s and 50s movie dramas? Here's how!

  • Risus Sky Baron - Hop aboard your airship and hunt down artifacts in this steampunk, post-WWI setting.

Modern Settings

Sci-Fi Settings

  • Worlds at War - The thought process behind the Worlds at War setting.

  • Eternity! - Keeping history on track with Personages of Historical Significance!

  • Agents of Who in Time - Time travel and super heroes.

  • Cosmiquest! - A space-faring setting where one treks amongst the stars.

  • Risus: Do You Remember Macross? - Space mechs fighting other space mechs... in SPACE!

  • Pink Mohawk - This is a quite thorough Risus write-up of the Shadowrun setting. For a distilled Risus Shadowrun experience, chummers can also check out Shadowrun for Risus.

  • Nexus - Rifts gets the Risus treatment, so get your lasers and magic and cybernetics and mutant powers ready to go!

  • Bughunters - The classic combination of Space Marines and Big Alien Bugs; what's not to like?

  • Risus Ravens - Inspired by Armored Core, this mecha setting focuses on the people behind the steel.

  • Task Force Tetrabot - Little bots doing big jobs on a massive spaceship.

Post Apocalyptic Settings

Universe Write-ups

Strange Settings

  • Risus Gijika - Who loves Internet memes?

  • SHGGFTAWSGDSSFDF - Or in other words, it's the Super-Happy-Go-Go-Fun-Time-All-World-Speedy-Good-Delivery-Service-Special-Force-Delta-Five. It's time travel. It's a delivery service in space. It's the weirdest thing I've ever written. Don't say I didn't warn you.

    • STUDS - For a more condensed version of SHGGFTAWSGDSSFDF, check out the Space-Time Universal Delivery Service.

  • Murphy's World - A Risus setting in a world not completely unlike our own where anything that can go wrong, will.

  • Risus Elizabethulhu - Supernatural Swashbucklers.

  • Dangos! - Playing a group of creatures just trying to get their next meal.

  • Truckee Games - This is the landing page for Brent Wolke's settings, which are all quirky and clever in their own ways.

  • Bunnies and Burrows: Risus Edition - Hop into the world of rabbits with this Risus conversion of Bunnies and Burrows!

  • Dance Planet - Get your groove on with G.O. One's sci-fi world where there is no war, only dancing!

  • DOOMSDAY DROP - A quick and wacky micro-setting with a mix of over-the-top craziness and bleak survivalism.

  • Character Creation - This setting is fully comprised of and implied by its character creation rules, along with 4 sample characters.

Variable Genre Settings

  • Scratch - A setting built on very little.

  • Paladin - A conversion of the classic Anvilwerks game to Risus rules.

  • Antibodies - This magical girl setting can be adapted to any time and place that needs magical girls to fight evil!

Settings in Other Languages

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