A bizarre, outrageous and ridiculous Risus setting by Dan Suptic ©2006

A note about Risus

Risus: The Anything RPG is a free and easy to learn role-playing game (created by S. John Ross and is Copyright ©1993-2013,2021 by Dave LeCompte) that is used to play Super-Happy-Go-Go-Fun-Time-All-World-Speedy-Good-Delivery-Service-Special-Force-Delta-Five (from now on, simply called SHGGFTAWSGDSSFDF). The whole system is 4 pages long, and that’s all you’ll need to play. Download it, print it, heck, even put it in a nice 4-page binder. So long as you read it too, you'll be able to play SHGGFTAWSGDSSFDF.

So, what’s this setting all about then?

SHGGFTAWSGDSSFDF is a special team of Delivery Agents that are sent across time and space to deliver Important Stuff to Important People. The PCs are conscripted out of their normal lives and sent to a space station (in the year 73,491) where they are given anything they desire (including a very nice apartment) so long as they continue to make deliveries for the SHGGFTAWSGDSSFDF.

Who’s in charge of this craziness?

The entire SHGGFTAWSGDSSFDF is run by one man – Mr. Kuri-kana-suro-san. He runs the delivery service to put particular items into the hands of influential people in the past (and sometimes future), in the hopes of guiding the timeline to make the year 73,491 as perfect as possible. Mr. Kuri-kana-suro-san recruits people from all over the timeline, sends them on missions once a week for a year, and then puts them right back when they came from (with appropriate age reversal and memory deleting, of course). He is a normal looking middle aged Japanese man, who intentionally acts very much like the stereotypical Japanese slave-driver boss. He’ll also smack anyone on the head with a bamboo sword if they mispronounce his name, or if they leave any words out when referring to the SHGGFTAWSGDSSFDF.

Mr. Kuri-kana-suro-san

  • Stereotypical Japanese Slave-Driver Boss (6)

  • Time Traveling Scientist (6)

  • Enough of a Ninja to Defend Himself (4)


First off, and most importantly, DON’T TELL THE PLAYERS WHAT THEY ARE MAKING CHARACTERS FOR. Just tell them to make any character they want. From any setting or time period. They can use any Advanced Option they want, and they can use any extra options out of the Risus Companion they want. Another important note – NONE OF THE PLAYERS MAY CONVERSE WITH EACH OTHER, OR COMPARE CHARACTERS AT ALL. Once all the players get done with there PCs, give them all a copy of the Welcome to the SHGGFTAWSGDSSFDF letter. As they read it, tell them that they are surrounded by a blue light, and they appear in some type of lounge.

Where are we again?

The PCs are now in orbit around the Earth in the space station called D5. This space station has all the amenities that the year 73,491 has to offer. It has very large and well furnished apartments for the PCs. It has a high tech stable for any mounts the PCs may be riding. There’s an arcade, sport arena and gym for the PCs when they aren’t on the job. There’s a giant electronic library for the bookworms of the group. There’s holodecks, restaurants, theatres, pools, indoor parks…everything. This place has it all. It also has high tech weapons and tools (which will surely add dice to some PC clichés), but those are given out only as rewards for a job well done. Robot workers roam the halls, doing everything from repairing the reactor, to serving the PCs some grilled cheese sandwiches. There is also one more item of note – the Transportatron.

The Transportatron

This device looks like your typical Sci-Fi teleportation device. This will transport the PCs through time and space (and sometimes alternate dimensions) to where they need to go to deliver their item. The problem is, it’s hard to get exact coordinates with the Transportatron. Therefore, anywhere the PCs end up will be at least 3 Plot Points away from their target. The problems the PCs can run into can be literally anything, anywhere, at any time period. Dragons on a starship, robots in ancient Greece, ninjas at the Dawn of Time – anything. Why is this so? Simple! While the PCs are working for the SHGGFTAWSGDSSFDF on the D5, the D1 through the D4 all have their own similarly named projects to change the past to their own ideas of a perfect world. So, not only do the PCs have to worry about normal threats in the time they show up in, they also have to worry about four other organization’s teams of highly skilled delivery personal to deal with.

The Mission

Mr. Kuri-kana-suro-san always gives the PCs a choice of 3 different missions to choose from each week. Therefore, as the GM, it’s handy to make a list of all possible missions, pick 3 of those, and write an adventure for them. Then, next time you play, choose a new mission to replace the one the PCs chose last time. Or you could choose 3 all new missions. Anyways, always give the PCs 3 choices of what mission to take.

Sample Mission Roster

Mission Start

The PCs are always given a small device with a button on it by Mr. Kuri-kana-suro-san. They can use this to instantly return to D5 after the mission is done. Mr. Kuri-kana-suro-san will describe where (and when) they are going to, describe the person that the parcel is to be delivered to and of course, give them the item for delivery. They get into the Transportatron, it goes (insert Sci-Fi power up sound here) and the PCs find themselves within Getting There in One Gaming Session distance from the target.

The Mission Itself

The PCs must overcome humorous and bizarre obstacles to get to the target. Many anachronistic jokes, horrible puns and general mayhem ensues.

Mission Success!

If the PCs succeed in their mission, and do so under any restrictions from Mr. Kuri-kana-suro-san (stealthily, no innocent hurt, no buildings blown up, no art damaged, etc etc etc), they’ll be rewarded. With better equipment. That probably gives a +1 (or more, if they already have a +1) die bonus to a cliché.

Mission Success…sort of…

If the PCs deliver the item, but make a huge mess of things (being seen in a stealth mission, hurting an innocent in a no innocent hurt mission, blowing up the Vatican in a no buildings blown up mission etc etc etc), Mr. Kuri-kana-suro-san will berate them for being clumsy fools, but still give them some kind of positive recognition. Maybe extra pudding at dinner. Yeah, extra pudding is nice.

Mission Failure!

If the PCs just utterly fail in delivering the item, they’ll get a whole day of being smacked around with the bamboo sword.

Character Example

Um, yeah. Pretty much any character ever made for any Risus setting works.


If you can actually keep this up for more than 3 or 4 sessions, more power to you. One thing you MUST do in an ongoing campaign is to have the PCs go on a mission where they need to stealthily deliver the Welcome to the SHGGFTAWSGDSSFDF letters to themselves.

You Go Now! Make Delivery!

Well, hmm. Yes, that’s a rather silly setting. But it’s a great way to introduce players who have played Serious-And-Not-Silly-At-All RPGs into the world (and mindset) of Risus. So have fun, relax, and enjoy the whole wacky ride. As always, Email me at if you have any questions. Oh yeah, the Welcome to the SHGGFTAWSGDSSFDF letter is at the bottom of this page. Enjoy.

Welcome to the SHGGFTAWSGDSSFDF letter

TO: New Employee

FROM: Mr. Kuri-kana-suro-san

RE: Employee Orientation

Welcome to Super-Happy-Go-Go-Fun-Time-All-World-Speedy-Good-Delivery-Service-Special-Force-Delta-Five, new employee! I, Mr. Kuri-kana-suro-san, feel so much happiness in my bowels that you are here. You are in the future! On a giant space station! Hooray! You have been chosen because you have special skills. Your skills are needed for special delivery service. You go into the past, or into maybe future, all over the world, even maybe other dimension. You take package with item in it to very important people. Then you hit button and come back to space station. Very fun and good time. You work only one day a week. Very relaxing! In off time, you train and have fun in gym or sporting field. After one year, you go back home. You go back right when you left. You will not remember space station. You will not remember Mr. Kuri-kana-suro-san. But you have happy feelings now, since you do important job. I give you any instructions you need when time for delivery. For now, you walk around space station. Eat food, ask robots if you need help around space station. You get your own sufficient apartment living place to sleep in. After sleep, you go on first mission. Happiness is ready for you! Success is coming to us and to you too! Succeed in missions, and you get neat stuff and yummy food for your stomach to enjoy. Fail in missions and you get hit on head with my bamboo sword that I use for hitting people on the head! Do not fail! You will not fail because I pick you to be my team! Welcome to my team that I picked that includes you. Welcome to Super-Happy-Go-Go-Fun-Time-All-World-Speedy-Good-Delivery-Service-Special-Force-Delta-Five! Okay!

Your honorable employer,

Mr. Kuri-kana-suro-san

PS – There are donuts and coffee on the table which is located in the break room. The donuts are well and good to eat for your stomach. You only eat two donuts. You eat more than two donuts and you get hit in the head with my bamboo sword. The coffee is also well and good for drinking. You may drink all cups of coffee that you wish to drink. Thank you. Okay!

Pre-Made Deliveries

The Adventures page has some pre-made SHGGFTAWSGDSSFDF deliveries that can be run with little to no prep.