Risus Advanced Combat

Risus Advanced Combat

Risus combat is good for drawn out engagements( or it may seem that way ) but these optional rules below should help provide uniqueness to each combat the characters are in:

Section 1: Minor Character Creation Adjustment

During character creation each player character starts with 10 health which is adjusted by:

  • For each cliche die that suggests strength, toughness, resistance to pain or damage, add +1 health

  • For every cliche die the suggests weak body strength, lack of fitness, or overall wimpyness, subtract-1 health


" Bob the fighter has reckless fighter (4) giving him a health total 14."

Another Example:

" Randy the annoying computer geek (3) giving him a health total of 7 "

Determining Npc health is done the same way.

Section 2: Combat Rules

OK, now to combat....

Step 1: The order of battle

Each player and Npc ( or Npc group ) rolls a one of their cliches that suggest speed, reflexes, senses (hearing,sight, smell ,etc), or other detection ability. The highest Npc or character goes first followed by the next highest and so on.

Step 2: Turns

Each turn every character gets one basic action such as:

  • drawing a weapon

  • using a weapon or item

  • attacking

  • moving

  • dodging

  • other

and unlimited free actions such as:

  • talking

  • parrying

  • whatever else the GM defines as a free action


Attacking is done as a standard combat roll, except the loser does not lose a die - they instead take damage. Determine damage as follows:

The character takes...

  • 1D6-3 for very small weapons ( fists )

  • 1D6-2 for small weapons ( e.g. short knives, billy clubs )

  • 1D6 for medium size weapons (e.g. long knives, swords ,rifles .sub-machineguns )

  • 1D6+2 for large weapons( machine guns, rocket launchers, mini guns)

  • 1D6+3 for very large weapons ( tank guns, magic fire ball spells )

  • etc...

Obviously damage does not always depend on size ("size matters not") for example a hand grenade does a lot of damage but is small.

Section 3: Healing

Healing is done in the normal fashion as in the rules of Risus.