Million: Adventure Seeds

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Million: Adventure Seeds

If the PCs, like most other inhabitants, live in an inn of some sort, then by simply staging the events on their home turf provides a basic location and hook. Here are a few things which happen daily in inns all over Million:

  • A rival inkeeper's saboteurs have taken over the last floor and are trying to steal it while holding some tenants as hostages. The PCs must rescue the hostages, stop the bad guys and possibly save their own rooms.

  • A tenant went mad overnight and painted all the corridors in pink. For some reason it is up to the PCs to play amateur sleuth.

  • A crackpot game is being hosted on the rooftop, the inn the overcrowded with strangers, the PCs find one of their team's clay pot on the reception desk and they must bring it all the way back up or their team will be disqualified!

  • The PCs must stop overly territorial waiters from taking over the inn's lobby.

  • The inkeeper's usual handyman is sick so he asks the PCs to take care of a small job and if they are successful they will get free meals for a week.

Sending the PCs to meddle in someone else's turf is also a fun thing to do. Below are some suggestions as well as a simple random location generator.

  • Someone hires the PCs to break into someone else's home and retrieve the illegally bottled ghost of their beloved, with whom they would very much like to spend some time.

  • The PCs are asked by conspiracy theorists to investigate the newest rumor regarding Umbrella by listening to them during their next meeting.

  • A team of florists facing overwhelming odds ask the PCs to support them during a gang busting operation.

  • Someone lost in the sewers an item they were recently lent by someone else. The PCs could be asked to retrieve it before the junkmongers do and before the loss is discovered by the rightful owner.

  • The PCs are asked to deal with a pumpkin menacing the local area.

  • A team of woodcutters has gone missing. The guild members think it is more profitable to hire a bunch of expandable PCs rather then overpaid woodcutters to investigate the situation.

  • A lord wishes to meet a famous prophet who lives in the Red Light District. The PCs are hired to protect the lord from losing money, mind and soul.

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