Risus Art Archive

This page links to the repository for all art and pictures for the Risusiverse.

This is an archive for additional, extra images - if you have a picture or two that you want directly added to your content, feel free to upload it to your content page directly. Use the archive if you have a whole LOT of pictures for your setting (in which case, make a page and link for your setting's art), or if you just have some Risus themed stand alone art (add that to the Assorted section).

  • Assorted - Risus art for Risus art's sake

  • Promotional - For banners linking to the Risusiverse, amongst other ways to show off your fandom

  • Risus of Arabia - Pictures associated with the Risus of Arabia setting

  • Risus Zombie Apocalypse - Images for promoting some Risus zombie killing

  • S. John Ross - Art made by the main man himself