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30 Minutes or It's Free

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A High Action Micro-Adventure

Credit where Credit is due

Of course, any Risus supplement would be a moot point without the creative genius of S. John Ross. I am also indebted to the creators of Real Time Risus for the basic premise, and to the author of Dungeonautica for the simple cliché levels that make up the storyline. I especially want to thank Lord Zamiel for his always creative Risus source books. This micro-adventure is an attempt to provide a ready to go adventure that is playable with his many action source books. It is also a tribute to the wonderful video games of the late 80’s early 90’s that I spent way too much time playing.


Your heroes show up on the scene of a standoff between incompetent law enforcement and incompetent henchmen. Suddenly maniacal laughter fills the air as you hear over a loudspeaker “Foolish do-gooders. You will never take me. Even now I have a bomb located somewhere inside your precious city that I plan to detonate in exactly 30 minutes. So you can either attempt to take me prisoner, or find that bomb before it blows up 5 city blocks!” The law enforcement officials, of course, instantly flee the scene and begin a keystone cop style search for the bomb. Your heroes know better. This guy needs to be taken out, and pronto. So set your stop watch for exactly 30 minutes (real time, not just game time) and see if your heroes can take out the bad guy boss before time runs out.

  • Level (and cliché dice) 1 - INCOMPETENT HENCHMEN – At one dice, these guys will be easy to slash, hack, kick, punch, or energy blast your way through, but that’s the point of this kind of game isn’t it?

  • Level 2 - SECURITY FENCE – Razor wire, electric shock, laser beam. You name it, this fence has it. Throw in some more incompetent henchmen when the heroes pass the fence.

  • Level 3 - NEAR DEATH (OR AT LEAST REALLY PAINFUL) TRAPS AND DEFENSES – For smart characters who try to jump/fly over the fence, let this one rip. Feel free to include energy cannons and land mines. Make a point to break some of their cool gear. If the heroes seem to be moving too quickly, throw in some more henchmen with shoulder-fired rpg’s.

  • Level 4 - THE BOSS – This is usually the last stage of a video game. Feel free to make him or her as beautiful or ugly as possible, and of course, really evil. Self-delusional grandiose speeches about world domination are a bonus (and they use up precious time).

  • Level [5] - SELF DESTRUCT MECHANISM – When the boss is just about to go down, he will give the players a knowing look followed by a maniacal laugh. Then he pushes a remote control button. A voice inspired by the computer on Star Trek says “Auto-destruct sequence initiated. This zip code will be forcibly removed from the planet in 60 seconds.” Don’t let your players wimp out on this one. They’ve got to save the neighborhood.