Solo Adventure Module

Solo Adventure Module

The Concept

The Randomly Generated Solo Adventure Module combines the instant adventure and solitaire play ideas, adds a dash of inspiration from Dungeonautica, and finally relies on a copy of the Risus Companion.

Step One:

Use the Adventure Matrix from page 43 of the Companion to set your objective.

Step Two:

On a piece of paper write the numbers 1-5. Each number gets a separate line (Or you could simply write on your fingers). These numbers will represent the cliche dice of the obstacles your character will face.

Step Three:

Assign random locations/obstacles/encounters to your cliche numbers. If you are playing a solo fantasy game, this is made easy by the Fantasy Location Table on page 44 of the Companion. Randomly determine one location/obstacle/encounter at a time, and only after you have defeated the previous one (no peeking!).

All encounters at that location have the predetermined number of cliche dice. I've even used this method to generate an adventure for a small gaming group. For the group, I allowed the final obstacle to be double pumped. In that case, the intrepid adventurers had to get past an ice wizard [5]. That might not sound like too much, but by the time they got there, their cliche dice had been slowly worn down by a series of low dice misadventures (Each location may have several obstacles at that level of cliche dice. For examples of non-combat obstacles see my Nameless Village adventure). It made for a dramatic finale.

If you are not playing in a fantasy setting, never fear. You can still generate a random location/obstacle/encounter. Simply take a piece of paper and write out a list of random locations/obstacles/encounters. Assign each of them a dice value, and role to see which one you fill in the next slot of your piece of paper (or finger).