Million: Optional Rules

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Million: Optional Rules

OPTION I: Fortune Favors the One

Whenever a cliché has only one die to roll, this die is re-rolled on a 1. Treat this as a breakthrough roll which can be used in addition to this option (see the Risus Companion).

OPTION II: Just a Flesh Wound!

Whenever a character would lose a cliché die, it can choose to disregard the loss and leave it to fate to decide the consequences. The die is not lost but instead replaced with one of a different color, becoming a risky die. Together, standard dice and risky dice cannot exceed the cliché's original potency. However, whenever a risky dice rolls a one or a six, a standard cliché die also becomes a risky die. This is the price of negligence! Any normal injury is taken from the standard dice only, not the risky ones. When a cliché is left with only risky dice, it looses them all and is out of play.

OPTION III: Rule of Five in Action

The numbers 1 to 5 must be assigned to each item from the rule of five: fog, pipes, pumpkin, rain and the rest. Each number may only be used once. It is cool to try to fathom a charater's personality based on these scores.

Once the dice are rolled, opponents duel like they would for roshambo, but by using the symbols from the rule of five. In a PC team, the leader duels. The winner gets the chance to re-roll either 1) a number of dice, 2) one die a certain number of times, or 3) combine both options. That number is equal to the score of the symbol with which the duel was won. It is not necessary to declare in advance which dice will be re-rolled. All previous scores for any re-rolled die are ignored. There is no winner on a tie.

For example, two opponents have the following scores: A) fog 1, pipes 2, pumpkin 3, rain 4, the rest 5; B) fog 5, pipes 3, pumpkin 1, rain 2, the rest 4. For the duel, A chooses rain and B, pipes. According to the rule of five, pipes beat rain. As the winner B can do any of the following: re-roll any three dice no matter who owns them, re-roll any one die up to three times, or re-roll two dice, one of them twice.

This option can be useful to try to raise your total and lower your opponent's.

OPTION IV: I'm a Chosen One!

Every character starts with 1 questing die that can be used towards accomplishing their personally assigned prophecy (ask the local prophesier for more details). Ignore this freebie when actually paying for questing dice.

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