The Adventures of Bob

The Adventures of Bob

Hi, fellow players. I am Bob. In this adventure, you play as me as I fight down ninjas, axe wielding lunatics, and monkeys. This is a mission where your character is already created for beginning players.


He always seems to have bad stuff happen to him.

  • Gunman (4)

  • Ninja (3)

  • Likes to Talk (2)

  • Annoying (2)

Hook - A lot of people like to attack him.

Tale - n/a

Basically, in this mission, you have to hold off a bunch of people from destroying your house. Yhey come in waves of five. You have a rifle with 50 shots, and a sledgehammer. The sledgehammer gives +1 in Ninja, and the rifle gives +1 in gunman. Here are the waves:

  • Ninjas (2)

  • Axe wielding lunatics (3)

  • Pandas (3)

  • Monkeys (1) - There are 10 monkeys

  • Orcs (3)

  • Giant, Horrific Octopus (5) - There is only 1

If you can fight off these waves, there is only one more wave, the final boss-

Worthy Opponent - (The exact same as you)

He is tough because he is the same as your beginning character. So if you are hurt, you will be weaker than him. Use yo' ammo wisely, foo'.

Have fun, and also, you can play as your own character, and Bob helps you. All waves get 1 extra person if you do this, and each worthy opponent only fights one person. If either of them win, you lose. If there are more than 1 person that want to play, each additional person adds on one to each wave. They all get the same weapons as Bob.

Have Fun!!!