Big Red

Big Red


John was successful in getting the cabbie to step on it and makes it to the interview just in time. He gets to the Triumph Hotel and goes to the room of 'Big Red' Hold. He needs to get information out of 'Big Red' regarding the smuggling of drugs into the city.


Without the drug smuggling information, John's interview will not amount to much of anything news worthy.

Conflict Type

This is a full conflict/combat situation. You need to get the information out of Big Red. Big Red is a well-informed mob dude (4). You will either need to roll for Big Red for each round or assume the following target numbers:

Each round, you will have to beat Big Red's roll. If you do, he will lose a die. If you don't, you will lose a die from whichever cliché you used. If you pumped a cliché, don't forget to lower your cliché by the amount of your pump (whether you won or not, you lose pumped die).

Feel free to switch between different clichés as the conflict progresses. Hit Big Red up with some strange chess lingo, astound him with your trivia knowledge, outright smack him with a karate chop. Just remember, if any of your cliché ratings drop to zero, you lose. If you drop Big Red to zero, you win.

I Won!

I Lost!