Harper's House of Heroes

Welcome to Harper's House of Heroes!

This is a cliché fantasy setting for your Risus campaign, perfect for a series of connected one-shots or a more in-depth story-driven campaign.

You and your companions are an elite team of heroes working at a fast-food delivery style hero joint called Harper's House of Heroes. Your promise: deliver a hero to solve any problem in 30 minutes or less- guaranteed!

You've run the gamut of heroing jobs, doing everything from rescuing princesses to slaying dragons to battling mad wizards to working as bodyguards for caravans. Every day is just another day in the life of a hero!

So what are you waiting for?
Apply for Harper's House of Heroes today!
Adventure awaits!

Your employer is a grizzled old gnome named Harper (Your Boss (4), Negotiator (3), Badass (3)). She is tough but fair, and always pays you handsomely for your work.

Imagine Harper’s House as a sort of Hogwarts for heroes. There are many teams living in the House (like Gryffindor or Slytherin in Hogwarts) and each team is competing to be the best. The best teams in Harper’s House get first pick of the jobs- and that usually means they’re taking the jobs that pay the most!

Every day carrier pigeons flutter into the hall with messages from people requiring aid. Some days you will receive 3-4 requests at once, meaning you and your companions will need to choose the quest that seems most pressing (or pays the best). Other times Harper will come to your team directly because a certain job fits your particular skill sets or you’ve earned her trust by doing especially well on your last assignment.

But how do you get to any adventure location in 30 minutes or less? Easy! Harper’s House is equipped with Bored Student Mages (3) who operate a series of teleportation circles. Just hop in a circle and they’ll warp you to the adventure spot in a jiffy! Trouble could arise if a Bored Student Mage isn’t at his post, or the teleporters are broken...

You can place Harper’s House wherever you want in your campaign world- in a city, in the wilderness, etc. Always remember, there’s no wrong way to play Risus!

Created by Kung Fu Space Barbarian [4]