a micro-setting by Konstantine Paradias

The Galactic Hegemony's ships encircled Earth, annihilating their military in minutes. Within a few hours following surrender, the terms came, telepathically broadcast across the minds of every man, woman and child on the planet:

"Entertain us. Forever."

Earth was repurposed, its continents moved around, its landmass filled with strange artifacts. Its population was augmented by sentient nanites, turning everyone into ultra-fit swole muscle-men and women, dreamy-looking socialites or mutated fantasy beings, ripped straight out of a fantasy novel, endowed with strange abilities, powered by unknowable technology.

They fight and die and perform their overacted bits of drama for the pleasure of their alien overlords, seeking sponsorship and greater power.

Some seek to simply become kings of this new, shifting Hell. Others look for a way out. No matter the choice, one constant remains:

Flex. Fight. Flaunt. Or Die.

The New Earth (click for full size):