"After reading SHGGFTAWSGDSSFDF I wanted to play this with my group, but I made a few adjustments to make it more achievable. This is my edited version of the SHGGFTAWSGDSSFDF campaign setting"

What is STUDS?

The Space-Time Universal Delivery Service (STUDS) is a delivery service that delivers packages across space and time. It is based on Earth's moon, 19th of April, 3649. The players are in one of many delivery teams spending their lives delivering packages all across the space-time continuum.

Who is in charge of STUDS?

Mr. Gong is the CEO of STUDS. He is a stereotypical Asian with time-warping powers. He has put his moon base in a repeating 25-hour loop that goes on endlessly. He has a multitude of delivery teams who never meet each other because they are never situated on the same 19th of April, 3649 at the same time. (Basically Mr. Gong's tampering with the space-time continuum has made him immune to the rules of logic.) Mr. Gong has no clichés because the laws of Risus are just another set of laws he is beyond. He is, naturally, 100% aware he is a fictional character based of another fictional character who's only purpose is to amuse creatures from another dimension called PCs and is slave to all-powerful Lovecraftian horror called the GM.

How do I get my players to make characters for a STUDS campaign?

First off, and most importantly, DON’T TELL THE PLAYERS WHAT THEY ARE MAKING CHARACTERS FOR. Just tell them to make any character they want. From any setting or time period. They can use any Advanced Option they want, and they can use any extra options out of the Risus Companion they want. Another important note – NONE OF THE PLAYERS MAY CONVERSE WITH EACH OTHER, OR COMPARE CHARACTERS AT ALL. Once all the players get done with there PCs, give them all a copy of the You Are Now A Slave Of STUDS letter. As they read it, tell them that they are surrounded by a octarine light, and they appear in some sort of prison.

You Are Now A Slave Of STUDS letter

Greetings, INSERT NAME HERE. You have been plucked from your rightful place in geography and history and are now an eternal slave to the STUDS company and it's overlord, Mr. Gong. You may live as long as you remain completely loyal to him and in return you will have all the doughnuts you want (however, if you eat any more than one doughnut you will whacked very hard twice for every extra doughnut you eat.) If you do not you will be punished by something or rather, our committee hasn't quite agreed on what yet, but be rest assured, it will be rather nasty indeed!

Yours truly, experiment 42 (aka, Mr. Gong)

What happens in a STUDS session?

Mr. Gong will send the players on a mission across time and space to deliver a package. They will face plenty of challenges, hardships, killer donkeys, anachronisms and comic relief along the way. If you don't have any idea of what they could deliver than look no further than the following paragraph!

Sample Deliveries (1d4)

  1. A book titled Universe Creation for Dummies for the Supreme Being

  2. An amateur time time traveler's kit for Mr Gong when he was first founding STUDS

  3. A grow-your-own-mustache kit for Adolf Hitler

  4. A cuddly koala toy for Thomas Jefferson