The Interview

The Interview

John Trent


Mild mannered reporter for the Weekly Tribune.


  • Mild Mannered Reporter (4)

  • Minor League Chess (3)

  • Martial Arts Student (2)

  • Wanna-Be Jeopardy Star (2)

Tools of the Trade

Reporter's notebook




John Trent is a mild mannered reporter for the Weekly Tribune. He likes being mild mannered, although a part of him wishes he had a super powered alter ego. He has achieved a few belts at the local martial arts academy, but most of his colleagues have no idea that he is up to that. He comes across to most people as a boring, yet dependable kind of guy.

Optional Rules Used

This adventure allows users to pump their clichés. What this means is that for a given role, you may add an additional die for each cliché rating you are willing to give up after the roll is done. For instance, if John wanted, he could pump his Mild Mannered Reporter cliché to really get something done. In game terms, he could add a number of dice up to the current cliché rating to his roll. So, while he normally would roll 4d6, he could roll up to 8d6 (assuming his cliché rating was at the maximum). The downside to this is that your cliché rating would drop by 1 for each die you added. So, if John did add 4d6 to his roll (to get that 8d6 rating), his new cliché rating would be zero (effectively giving up the conflict).

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