Silverload Gazetteer

Silverlode Gazetteer

The Bone Chance
Pretentious gambling establishment that isn't really all that exclusive.

The Bull's Head Saloon
Modest establishment that is well known for its excellent food and friendly staff. Not particularly known for exciting entertainment.

The French Letter
Formerly Silverlode's premiere brothel and dance hall catered to all types, living and dead. Now just a fire-blackened ruin.

The Grand Hotel
The largest and most expensive hotel in Silverlode. Also the site of an attempt to summon demons into this reality by some evil or very misguided cultists. The Grand Hotel is owned by Andrew Michael LeCroix and notable guests include Mathilda Hattrack and the mysterious child Jessica.

Merchant's Hotel
Low-rent hotel that is currently home to Roger Zane.

Quicksilver Mining Company
Former headquarters of Silverlode's largest mining consortium and beachhead for an alien invasion.

Saint Augustine's
Silverlode's only Catholic Church and the home of Father Javier Escarcega (as well as Arturo Sebastian Ramirez).

Shaft 23
Notoriously "haunted" mine-shaft used by ultraterrestrial invaders as bait to lure virtuous adventurers that could be exploited for their orgone energies.

The Silverlode General Store
A well-stocked general store run by a nice woman named Claire Teach (who has unfortunately been chased out of town by a bounty hunter).

The Silverlode Institute of Science and Technology
Destined to be the finest college of weird science and metaphysics in the American West once it opens in the fall. Founded by Andrew Michael LeCroix and Gordon MacAlpine, the Institute employs Boris Makarov and Marcelo Saltore as professors (among others). Notable students include Catherine Meyers and J. Robert Hinkley.