Space Pirates

Space Pirates

Space Pirate Short Game is a pretty easy thing to play, just use your average scifi and pulp or western along with a few stock cliches and youll be fine, Ill be editing this till it's done. tone- humorous.

You start out on what is essentially a space-bus station off of a waypoint between major stops. A ship arrives. It isn't the normal ship you were expecting, but you all take it anyways. Suddenly you are all hit by crazy purple knockout gas and delivered into a larger ship. Turns out they're actually pirates who've kidnapped you right after blowing up the regular space-bus. After the revelation you are all caged (laser-caged that is) below deck. Take this time to introduce characters.

During the pirate's celebration a piece of space junk collides with the ship and you are all released. Escaping to the main part of the ship, you discover it in disarray as several of the pirates are already fighting eachother. stumbling across half of a pirate (literally half, think monty python's black knight) [because laser weapons cauterize wounds] who explains what happened. Turns out food poisoning has taken down a few of the key officers and accusations of mutinous conduct resulted. Take this time to elaborate on the pirates before they enter the fray full of highly incompetent pirates, angry cooking droids, and a few healthy but angry pirates who for some reason refrained from the poisoned dishes [ie, kosher, vegetarian, allergies, robot, photosythesize, etc].

If they manage to fight their way to the command center, they can open the airlocks to kill everyone, pilot the ship to the galactic version of the coast guard, or hit escape to jettison the command center from the rest of the vessel (sending the pirates in it flying into a sun or stranding them on some random moon).

Some good PC's: (all 10 dice of course)

  • Wanderers (gun slinging tough guys and mysterious people)

  • space-hobos (jack of all trades, master of nothing [ie, less than 4 on all])

  • Garugolakz witnesses (hoverbike riding missionaries of the tentcacled gods)

  • Turistas (Duzzinay Solar System)

  • Discharged soldieir/veteran of interplanetary conflict

  • Mechanical or Tech wiz (possibly on their way to or from an expo)

  • Cyborgs (robotish sort)

  • Aliens of all sorts

Some Ideas for some of the pirate crew (remember they're poisoned and there are ALOT of them fighting each other)

  • Service droids (imagine roomba in a thousand years)

  • Mostly Unedumacated Scallywags (incompetent at 2 or 3 dice)

  • Sick Ship Officers (still kicking at 4 dice)

  • Unpoisoned Mutinous Weirdos (set at around 5 or 6)

  • CyberCaptain (make sure even ill he's roughly 5 or 6, maybe with a few tricks up the sleeve)

The Ship

It's something of a hideous makeshift conversion of what was obviously once a cruise ship. Some ridiculous name like Quasar Cruises, the Prince Garth, or Galactic Escapader is crossed out and replaced with an equally ridiculous name such as Scary Mc Geedo Ship of Doom or If You Can Read This We Be Robbing You. It's overall hideous as it seems to be held together mostly by nano-engineered duct tape and Mighty Mendit bonding putty. It's shape is absurd, but that doesn't matter as aerodynamics don't apply when there's no air.

Ship Map

Ship Areas

  • Computer room can allow for some fancy tech work to access the command deck and all sorts of stuff like email or distress signals.

  • Ship guts and engine room can stop the ship permanently if ruined, so be careful.

  • Viewing area can be shattered and send everyone flying into the vacuum of space (which is why the pirates use this as a base and not their main attack ship).

  • Weapons/Heavy Equipment is complete with space suits, laser rifles, tools, and exo armor style loading units.

  • Cargo Galley is a combination holding area and cooking area. Cannibalism is a-ok with them and its always warm.

  • Command Deck is pretty much what you'd see in Star Trek, but tackier.