Optional Rules

Optional Rules

Alternatives exist

Standard practice is to add a new page underneath the Optional Rules page for your rule. Once it's complete, add a link to it here by adding your rule to the list. Don't forget to add a brief description too.

Character Rules

Task Resolution

  • Evens Up - A New Dice mechanic for Risus.

  • Simpler Risus - Based on the Evens Up mechanic.

  • Alternity Inspired Dice Mechanic - A different way to use some dice that might be lying around.

  • Fudgier Risus - Playing Risus with Fudge/Fate Dice.

  • Diceless Risus - Getting rid of dice altogether.

  • Saga Rules - Notes for using the mechanic from TSR’s out of print Saga mechanic (a nice simple card-based mechanic). Now you can play Risus without any dice, just a deck (or two) of cards.

  • Minute-Made Magic - Simple approach to a no target number optional magic system.

  • Ye Good Olde System - An Old-school, easy, streamlined dice mechanic.

  • Risus Strikes Back - Takes Ye Good Olde System and runs with it to streamline Risus's core rules. Everything is a cliché!

  • Static Clichés - Another dice mechanic, one which aims to soften the power gap between cliché levels, and adds a new type of conflict as well!

  • FU-style Closed Questions - A dice mechanic which replaces simple successes and failures with degrees of success and failure.

  • Risus Enhanced Edition - This system narrows down the focus of clichés and dice pools as well as adding critical hits, advantage/disadvantage, and more!

  • RIME's the reason to get your d20 back out for some Risus: Icosahedral Monomaniac Edition.

  • Risus: Reloaded - This ruleset includes an alternate resolution mechanic, along with rules for health, armor, consumable items, and vehicles.

  • Lucky Glamour Strip Cascade Risus - A little collection of optional rules with some hints at adult themes. Spicy!

  • The Risus Thing-of-the-Day - This collection of daily Risus writings done in 2020 has plenty of house rules, extra bits, and multi-genre things for everyone!

  • Risus Cookie - A Risus variant streamlined and whittled down to 2 pages, twice as small as the original, twice as fast to get Risus gamers gaming!

  • The Risus10 System - Mushing together Clichés with Attributes and some d10s to make something new.

Combat Specific Rules

  • Scaling Combat - A nice middle-ground between Single-Highest-Die combat and Risus' regular rules. Roll all your dice, but only keep as many as the weakest combatant.

  • Epic Combat - A way to make combats longer and more cinematic.

  • Risus Advanced Combat -Risus combat drawn out for longer combats.

  • Outnumbered and Outclassed - Fighting more individuals than you can manage.

  • Sword & Shields - Alternate combat rules based off of the "highest die" variant for contests.

  • Shining Risus - Multiple optional combat rules are presented in this document for running a Shining Risus campaign.

Setting Rules

Rules for the GM