When The Cure Is Worse Than The Disease

When The Cure Is Worse Than The Disease

The players each have read their copy of Risus. As the GM, I have a swell adventure planned. I even have a map of sorts. Prepared characters have just been handed out so that we can jump right into it and make the most out of an evening of gaming.

Friend: Dude, you gave me a healer to play.

Me: Yeah, but he’s also a drunken sot, I am sure you’ll have fun with him.

Friend: This sucks. There is not point to being a healer in Risus. At this, he thumps a cheeto stained finger down on his copy of the rules. I read through the orange smear “Dice lost in combat are regained when the combat ends, at a “healing” rate determined by the GM.”

Friend: Dude, you’re the healer.

Me: Uh …

Here is what I came up with. The number of dice lost in combat become a cliché of their own, a cliché which a healer, in true Risus fashion, can take on in healing combat. Let’s say that Orm Strong Arm takes three dice worth of damage to his Bear Skull Wearing Berserker (4) cliché. Well, now Frater Angelico, Leather-Footed Healer (4) can take on Grievous Wound (3).

Sure, he’ll probably win, but at least he gets some action. Of course, there is that chance that he won’t win, maybe get exhausted (lose some dice) or possibly receive divine intervention and have a breakthrough (all sixes). There is one caveat that I added for when a healer fails or is hurt. The dice lost while healing are regained when the scene ends, at a “healing” rate determined by the GM.

Me: Mwa ha ha ha ha …

Editor’s Note: Just as a quick reminder, dice lost in combat do no necessarily mean physical injury.

ObnoxiousDM's note: In my book lost limbs don't regrow either. They need the healer for poisoning, sucking chest wounds and crushed limbs too.