Skill that Cliché

Skill That Cliché

Let's say you were a computer geek (3). What makes you different from your rival computer geek (3)? Sure, you could take the easy way and just expand on the cliché to include whatever makes it special, but sometimes it feels good to just have short and sweet clichés.

If you really need to distinguish between two different clichés, here is one option. For every rank you have in a cliché, feel free to describe any special skills that your character might have focused on.

Take that computer geek (3) and add a section for specialties:

  • Computer Geek (3) - web design, Java, computer games.

While you'll do just fine for regular computer geeky stuff, for web design you'll do a bit better. Same for Java or computer games.

In game terms, if you have a specialty in something, then the GM can lower the Target Number to reflect how your character might have an easier time at the specialty. Another option would be to allow you to re-roll all 1s if the roll involves your specialty.