Western Clichés

Western Clichés

There's a shootout between some drunken cowpokes over at the old corral, the schoolmarm's been kidnapped by the Boulder Gang, a dying rider with an arrow in his back says that the Indians have attacked a passing wagon train, and Deputy Bob's got a bullet in him but Old Doc's passed out from too much whiskey. Just the start of an average day for a Sheriff in the Old West.

These clichés are divided up into some of the popular sub-categories.

Cowboy Clichés

  • Tight Ropin': Can toss a lariat aroun' somethin'.

  • Straight Shootin': Can put a bullet into somethin'.

  • Fast Ridin': Can stay on a movin' horse.

  • Hard Drinkin': Swillin' whiskey.

Outlaw Clichés

  • Backwards Shootin': Can shoot at lawmen while ridin' backwards.

  • Safe Blowin': No safe is safe from this handy outlaw skill.

  • Robbin' Stages: Without disrespecting' the lady folk, natch.

Lawman Clichés

  • Relentless Pursuit: Always gets his man.

  • Square Jawed: Resolute and handsome.

  • Super Six-Shootin': Yer guns never need reloadin'.

Indian Clichés

  • Scalpin': Like barberin', only closer.

  • Medicine Man: Kinda like Doctorin', but don't cost no money.

  • Archery: Killin' buffalo or cowboys with bow and arrow.

Army Clichés

  • Scoutin': Findin' a path through the wilderness.

  • Gatlin' Gun Operatin': Shootin' lots of Injuns real fast.

  • Grousin': Complainin' about Army life.

Townsfolk Clichés

  • Doctorin': Pullin' out bullets, makin' housecalls in a buggy.

  • Schoolmarmin': Teachin' settlers' kiddies, and meltin' a cowboy's heart.

  • Engineerin': Drivin' a steam train.