Superhero Clichés

Superhero Clichés

Muscle bound godlings spouting tired and clichéd platitudes at each other while trying to pound each other to dust.

Marvel Super Hero Adventure Game (MSHAG)

The following clichés were liberated from the Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game that TSR/Wizard's of the Coast did a few years ago (using the nifty SAGA rules).

  • Energy User - wields and shapes mighty elemental forces

  • Gizmo User - relies on heavy-duty tools

  • Mage - casts eldritch spells of power

  • Martial Artist - trained in the art of hand to hand combat

  • Psionic - controls the power of the mind

  • Shape Changer - alters his or her form

  • Speedster - travels at unthinkable speeds

  • Strongman - rock hard and ready to rumble

  • Super-Scientist - pure intellect harnessed for battle

  • World Spanner - capable of interstellar and cross-dimensional travel