Pirate Clichés

Pirate Clichés

From the Spanish Main to the Barbary Coast, pirates love only one thing: treasure! Arrrr!

These clichés are divided up into some of the popular sub-categories.

Pirate Clichés

  • Peglegged Pirate: A classic, with eyepatch and parrot, of course.

  • Tough But Beautiful Female Pirate Who's As Good As Any Man, Or Better: And you'd better agree, or else.

  • Crazy, Dirty Pirate: Too much grog in his past, maybe, but this one only lives to lop off body parts with his rusty blade.

  • Kidnapped Cabin Boy With a Secret: No matter how ill-treated, he survives by remembering he's secretly the son of... who?

Navy Clichés

  • Pompous, Proper Captain: Well-dressed, well-groomed, but not well-prepared.

  • Efficient Lieutenant: The real brains behind the captain, and the only one with any real chance of ending the pirate menace.

  • Reluctant Conscript: Drafted to serve Their Royal Majesties, this swab can't wait to jump ship, even if it means becoming a pirate himself!

Townsfolk Clichés

  • Governor Who Loves to Hang Pirates: The more, the merrier!

  • Apprentice Blacksmith Who's an Expert Swordsman and Secretly Loves the Governor's Daughter, Who Secretly Loves Him Back: C'mon, do I really have to explain this one?

  • Voodoo Priestess: She knows things that shouldn't be known.