Modern Clichés

Modern Clichés

Modern settings encompass everyday life. The modern setting is a very broad theme that may include many subjects such as action, romance, mystery, or horror to name just a few. Most modern games take place from the industrial revolution all the way to today, or even in the slight future. Some modern adventures can also tie in quite well with "pulp" themes (See the Pulp section).

Common Clichés

  • Gun Slinger: carrying guns, being able to shoot well with them, knowledge of most modern firearms and their use

  • Doctor: healing people, knowledge of the human anatomy, creation of medicine and other chemicals

  • Hacker: use of computers and technology, being able to modify such technology to perform useful tasks, creation of new technology such as electronics

  • Spy: sneaking around, getting the job done without being noticed, knowledge of many broad subjects to help aid in their mission

  • Daredevil: performing crazy stunts, handling almost any vehicle with ease and grace, somehow not being hurt when they eventually do take a fall

  • War Hero: knowledge and use of many military tactics and weapons, grumbling at kids for not understanding war, steeled attitude

  • Plumber: fixing clogged drains, setting pipes, bending over, jumping over barrels, rescuing the princess, etc.

  • Zombie Hunter: killing zombies, making daring escapes, always managing to survive impossible odds

  • Stoner: good with money, forgetful at times, always after the next fix.

  • Detective: sneaking around in odd places, gathering totally random information that always seems to help anyway, bailing people out of impossible court cases