Espionage Clichés

Espionage Clichés

I spy, with my little eye...

RisusTalk submitted clichés

  • Special Forces - pistols, hand-to-hand combat, camoflage

  • Wheelman - operating overland transportation, mechanic

  • Undercover Operative - seduction, subterfuge, human polygraph

  • Pilot - operating airborne transportation, mechanic

  • Forensic Scientist - evidence gathering, evidence analysis

  • Cop - gunplay, interrogation, evidence gathering

  • Detective - gunplay, street smarts, human polygraph

  • Spy - gunplay, infiltration, seduction

  • Ganger - street smarts, gunplay, intimidation

  • Analyst - analyzing data, seeing the big picture

  • Survivalist - gunplay, foraging, outdoor survival

  • Computer Scientist - building/understanding hardware, writing/understanding software, building/understanding networks

  • Rough-Around-The-Edges Ex-Cop Who Can't Quite Let The Old Job Go - Dressing poorly, Sleeping poorly, Not listening to Authority, Being nosy and pushy, Being streetwise and connected, Trying to do what's right without getting in trouble for disobeying the law, Drinking/Smoking/Eating high-cholesterol foods