Cthulhu/Horror Clichés

Cthulhu/Horror Clichés

In the dark voids between space and time, unfathomable intelligences and mindless hungers lurk. The entire history of mankind is but a spot on existence. Truth be told, we are an insignificant stain on reality. And that, after all, is the real horror, isn't it?

In sunken R'lyeh dead C'thulhu lies dreaming.

These cliches are divided up into some of the popular sub-categories.

Monster Clichés

  • Cthulhu: Gigantic, octopus-headed Great Old One.

  • Azathoth: Blaspheming Outer God of Primal Chaos.

Servant Clichés

  • Shoggoth: Monstrous, bulbous servitors of the Elder Things.

  • Innsmouth Look: Fishlike appearance of inbred human servants of Dagon.

Human Clichés

  • Professor From Miskatonic University: A human who, after years of research, knows only enough about the real history of the universe to be very, very afraid.

  • Spunky Female Reporter Hell-Bent On Earning a Pulitzer: She's stumbled onto just one too many weird happenings to ignore.