Apocalypse Clichés

Apocalypse Clichés

A, B, C, D, E, F, G,

Watch the world end with me.

Mostly Human

  • A - Arsonist. Lighting fires. Setting improbable things on fire. Cackling while the world burns.

  • B - Builder/Breaker. Building structures and defenses. Managing teams. Spotting weaknesses in things.

  • C - Cultist. Believing weird shit. Signature weapon. Powerful friends.

  • D - Driver. Making trucks pirouette. Repairing motorbikes. Nerves of steel.

  • E - Explosives. Filling in the missing step between "open fire" and "run away".

  • F - Fixer. Knowing about settlements. Knowing who might have what. Getting out of the way in a fight.

  • G - Gun Crazy. Having a spare gun. Rebuilding and reloading ammo. Hearing whispers at night.

  • H - Homesteader. Looking reliable. Getting stuff to grow. Being tougher than most.

  • I - Investigator. Finding secrets. Dodging and ducking. Disguises and trickery.

  • J - Junker. Prospecting for metals. Making parts from scrap. Percussive repairs.

  • K - King of the Hill. Rich and fat. Disposable minions. Political savviness.

  • L - Lurker. Staying unseen. Thievery. Climbing.

  • M - Medicine Man. Herbal first aid. Knowing about pills potions and poisons. Uncanny understanding of people.

  • N - Nark Head. Ignoring pain. Finding drugs. Resisting damage.

  • O - Orphan kid. Attracting protectors. Learning quickly. Being surprisingly tough.

  • P - Punk poet. Damaging musical accompaniment. Stirring up a crowd. Seeing through lies.

  • Q - Quack Doctor. Patchy first aid. Kill and cure surgery. Being scarier than the enemy.

  • R - Revolutionary. Scavenging for supplies. Inspiring crowds. Calling in favours.

  • S - Sniper. Death on the wind. Reading the weather. Staying unseen.

  • T - Trapper. Surviving the badlands. Trapping and Cooking 'chicken'. Tracking people.

  • U - Upsider. Shaking off mental damage. Getting lucky. Fixing things.

  • V - Ventilator. Putting holes in people. Getting paid. Intimidation.

  • W - Wise old one. Knowing stuff from before the apocalypse. Spotting weakness. Damned good shot.

  • X - Ex-soldier. Small squad tactics. Training others. Well-armed and capable.

  • Y - Yob. Rearranging faces. Looking intimidating. Opening bottles with teeth.

  • Z - Zapper. Hacking electronics. Searching data. Using electrical weaponry.

Remnants of twenty Apocalypses

  • A - Arsenal. Former warbot, tactical memory bank. Reinforced armour. Inbuilt weapons.

  • B - Beastman. Surviving the badlands. Smelling trouble. Mutated yet agile.

  • C - Cyborg. Integrated with alien tech. Hacking computer systems. Internal repair systems.

  • D - Dweller. Escaped the impact in a buried bunker. Spartan discipline. Tremor sensitive. Affinity with life support tech.

  • E - Empyre witch hunter. Electro-tattoos of warding. Detect magic. Fiery weapon.

  • F - Freak. Gene-mods gone bad. Extra limbs. Unnaturally strong. Regenerative blood.

  • G - Greyman. Duplicating a person’s appearance. Copying a skill. Being unnoticed.

  • H- Hunter-killer. Rogue drone. Soaring and hovering. Monitoring communications. Remaining stock of missiles.

  • I - Imp. Of the 3rd rebellion. Understand magics. Deceive and illusion. Steal others luck.

  • J - Jotnar Ice Giant. Deserter at Ragnarok. Punch like a glacier. Understand magics. Frost-shatter things.

  • K - Kolossus. Gene modded soldier. Better than human. Deadly soldier. Surviving the wilderness.

  • L - Lawyer. Construct of the Corp Wars. Scuttling armoured carapace. Red tape spewer. Feeding syringe.

  • M - Magpie. Bandits who horde tech. Well equipped hideout. Good technical skills. Paranoid with good cause.

  • N - Nanite colony. Escaped factory victim(s). Skeleton and gooey forms. Eat stuff to make stuff. Memories from before the apocalypse.

  • O - Overmind. Puppet master of the weak. Psychic lash of domination. Fantastic multitasker.

  • P - Parasite and host. Alien fungus got loose. Keen chemical senses. Choking spore clouds. Intuitive pharmacologist.

  • Q - Quiet One. Poisoning. Dodging conflict. Moving silently.

  • R - Raptor Rex. Hunting in packs. Naturally dangerous. Leaping and sprinting.

  • S - Steampunk. Crude machines more resistant to the nanoplague. Steam powered engineering. Gunpowder weapons. Combustive chemistry.

  • T - Teddy. When nightmares started crawling out of people’s eyes, the teddy brigade were started. Friendly looking combat armour. Non-lethal weapons. Retractable iron claws.

  • U - Uplifted. Animal upgraded to human intelligence. Keen senses. Gifted scientist. Animal instincts.

  • V - Vehicle. Implanted with a brain. Being a ramshackle high tech vehicle. Ad-hoc customization. Very heavy weaponry.

  • W - World Interface Node. After SocMed crashed society, only a few addicts remain alive, podded up, using the bot to interface with the brave new world. Floating and hovering. Powerful cameras and communication built in. Finding out information.

  • X - Extra-terrestrial. A guilt ridden explorer. Skilled linguist and diplomat. Small environment proof exo-suit. Psychic force fields.

  • Y - Yachtsman. In a flooded world, sail is king. Sailing all kinds of boats including land or floating ones. Reading the weather. High-speed reactions.

  • Z - Zombie. Coming back from the dead. Preparing corpse-jerky. Seeing in the dark.