Victorian/Edwardian Characters

Victorian/Edwardian Characters

Roger Rickson, Librarian in the British Museum Library

(Submitted by Florian Edlbauer


  • Bookworm (4)

  • Athlete (3)

  • Kleptomaniac (2)

  • Scotch Whisky connoisseur (1)

Description: A man in his 30's, moustache, slightly above medium height. Very agile for a librarian. Dresses in dark colors.

Story: Though quite capable in his job and well-read, Roger has been an athlete in his youth, which comes in handy as he has recently taken to breaking into other people's houses by night! Since his wife died a year ago, he has felt such a desire to rob others of what is dear to them... The one other vice he indulges in is an occasional Scotch after one of his nightly sorties.

Hook: Proud of his twisty moustache.

Adventure ideas:

  • Possible ally. As the adventurers frequent the library, he might overhear they are interested in the owner of a certain house he has recently broken into.

  • As an old friend, PCs might have to help/rescue him.

  • However, if the PCs talk loudly about their treasures in the library reading room, he might visit them instead.