Universe Write-up Characters

Universe Write-up Characters

Note - Standard practice is to include where the character originates from after their name

Kanaya Maryam (Homestuck)

Tools of the Trade: Lipstick tube that turns into a chainsaw and a chastity fetch modus.

Hook: Somewhat desperate for a love interest.

Jade Harley (Homestuck)

Kris Dreemurr (Deltarune)

Hook: Possessed by a mysterious being in their own SOUL.

Tale: A lifelong loser who has always been smart but ended up being a directionless shut-in, Kris Dreemurr is aware of who they are more than anyone. Watching the antics of Susie, a school bully, is one of the ways they get through life.

For quite a while, Kris has felt a connection to Susie, which was actualized when they were forced to become friends after being pulled into a strange alternate world.

Ink Sans (Inktale)

Hook: Cannot feel empathy in the same way others can, and much of his already strange sense of morality will change for the worse if the SOUL substitutes in his costume are altered.