Star Wars Characters

Star Wars Characters


Description: Humanoid golden colored droid with limited flexibility in the joints (you've seen the movies, right?).


  • Cowardly Protocol Droid Fluent In Over x Billion Forms of Communication (4)

  • Fawning "Slave" of Current Master (3)

  • Confidante of the Rebel Alliance (2)

  • Emulator of Human Emotions Who Believes Everything is a Crisis (1)

Tools: none

Hooks: Difficult for OP3C to take direct action in a conflict (especially physcial). Must beat a target based on possible danger to self or others (the greater the danger, the greater the target) in order to act.

Tales: Built from spare parts by young A.S., OP3C has reluctantly been all over the galaxy on all kinds of adventures (just watch the movies again, ok).