Sci-Fi Characters

Sci-Fi Characters

Jameih I'Kta

(Submitted by Jens Reineking


  • Uplifted Gorilla (4)

  • Gentleman Mobster (3)

  • Amateur Actor (3)

  • Voice Manipulist [1]

Hook: Extremely passionate about his appearance - as well in daily life as on stage. This can get extreme reactions from him if he perceives an insult. And, as with most fresh uplifted species, this kind of stress enforces the animal side.

Tale: His tribe is the first experiment in magical uplifting. Because he didn't like the magical research facility, he struck a deal with the organized crime and they got him out. His physique and his voice made him soon a valued member of the 'family'. Trying to blend in, he invested heavily in clothing and social activities, especially acting.

He's arrived in Atamar with the mission to check out the possibilty of bringing organized crime to Atamar. So far, he's enjoying himself immensely – Atamarians simply don't care that he's a four hundred pound gorilla.

Notes: Uplifting (see David Brin) means giving a species a boost and making it intelligent. So he can speak, think, and go the forward leaning walk of a great ape.

Voice Manipulist would be something like the ability of the Bene Gesserit (Frank Herbert/Dune) - can manipulate, influence and command other beings.