Pirate Characters

Pirate Characters

Pirate Characters come in all sorts and flavors, much like Ninjas. Pirates can be found in Space, on the ocean and in cyberspace, stealing your music and ripping off your movies.

The ones on this page are the wet and watery sort. So ideally, if you're going to use them, they'll need a boat of some sort, an ocean to splash about in and some islands to fight/wench/bury treasure on.

Captain Roger Redbeard of the Dark Shark

Captain Roger is the iron handed master of the most feared ship in the islands. Which is not to say he's mean, just that his hand is, actually, iron. He has a hook after losing a hand during an unspecified misadventure. In fact, ask him again about his missing leg or eye or hand and you'll get new story. He's not a liar so much as well... a pirate. He runs a tight ship though and is honorable and fair, as honorable and fair as a Boozing, thieving, womanizing pirate can be. He's sailed most of the waters and can read weather like it's written down somewhere.


  • Superbship's Captain with a weather eye (3)

  • Biggest booziest, fightingest, womanizingest pirate on the ship (4)

  • Teller of tall tales of daring deeds (1)

  • Haunted Soul seeking redemption from a past dark deed (2)

First Mate Rummy

Much like the crew he is in charge of, Rummy is a thief, a womanizer and a drunkard. It's mostly a matter of chance which he is more of at any particular time. Generally, as his name suggests though, it's the Rum bottle which is his first love. Despite that he has surprising depths, including an eye for the beautiful and tasty.


  • Sharp-tongued Mate inspiring pants-wetting fear (3)

  • Connoisseur of fine alcohols, arts, women, treasures and Maps (3)

  • One-eyed Drunken Master (3)

The Surly Crew of the Dark Shark

The crew is effectively one large grunt squad. As such, they're not a 10 dice character in the strictest sense. I've listed them as a sidekick for Rummy but they can

also be thought of as one of Roger's tools of the trade. He (or any of the other named crew) can call on them when needed. As a crew they're OK at sailing a ship or fighting, but onshore they're collectively as sharp as a box of hammers.


  • Boozing, Thieving, Womanizing, Unhygienic Crew of a pirate ship (3)

Anne the Pirate Wench

It's a hard life being a woman on a ship full of womanizers. Or it would be if the crew hadn't already learnt how dangerous Anne is. A Mistress of pointed barbs, both metaphorical and literal means that Anne is left alone when she wants to be. She is however, still a shameless flirt and enjoys drinking the crew under the table. A surrogate mother of sorts to Will but not involved with Roger, Anne charts her own course, determined to prove that women can be even more piratical than men.


  • Runaway youngest daughter of the Governor (1)

  • Skilled with blades and witty banter (4)

  • Boozing, Thieving, Manizing, hygienic Pirate (3)

  • Scrubs up alright in a pinch (2)

Will the Cabin Boy

Taken when he was young from a sinking ship, the Dark Shark is the only home will has known, and the crew his only family. He is brighter than most of the crew despite his lack of schooling. And his keen eyesight and surefootedness in the rigging means that if he's not in the kitchen or the captain's cabin, he's aloft.


  • Bright, overlooked, hardworking young pirate (4)

  • Nimble like a monkey (3)

  • Relief Cook and occasional Quartermaster(2)

  • Pleasing Soprano in Pirate Ditties (1)