Espionage Characters

Espionage Characters

Richard Cranium

Description: Richard seems like an average, yet bright, everyday 14 year old.


  • Selfish Arrogant Teenager (4)

  • Web Developing, Java Slinging, Hacker (4)

  • Secret Agent Wanna Be (3)

  • Horrible Video Game Player (1)

Tools: Ultra cool laptop with all the bells and whistles; various home-made spy gadgets; latest portable gaming system and a handful of games

Hooks: Richard doesn't fit in too well. He is very selfish and doesn't do much of anything that doesn't directly affect him (charity is a foreign word to him).

Tales: Richard spends his time coasting through the system at school. He doesn't really fit in, so he escapes in his imagination (pretending he is a secret agent on a mission to catch the lunch lady doing something nefarious). He makes some money on the side using his computer skills (although his parents have no idea he does this...he manipulates them in buying him anything he wants).

Prinzessin (Princess) Elida di Rezco di Vasena, Italian Secret Agent

(Submitted by Hank Harwell )


  • Italian Noble (4)

  • Secret Agent (4)

  • Diplomat (2)

  • Femme Fatale (1)

Description: The Princess has long, dark brown hair with large hazel colored eyes. Her appearance makes her look much younger than her 32 years.

Story: Princess Elida is the premiere agent in the service of the Italian Government. Her youthful appearance as well as her notoriety as a member of the Italian aristocracy provide the perfect cover for an intelligence agent: she’s too obvious to be dangerous. The Princess uses her wealth, age, and reputation as a bored, well-traveled socialite to her advantage. She sails aboard her private yacht, the Espèrance, to places of interest and reports on them to her superiors in Rome.

She is, as befits her station, very well cultured, accustomed to the finer things and passionate about her country. She hopes one day to see Italy return to her position as a major world power, and will do what she can to accomplish this goal. Although a devoted monarchist, she is above all a pragmatist and will ally herself to the party that will increase Italy’s influence and world standing.

When entertaining, the Princess favors wearing slippers adorned with priceless Medici buckles. She is very possessive of these buckles and would willingly sacrifice the shoes in order to save the buckles.

Hook: Extreme (but not fanatical) dedication to her cause

Adventure Ideas: Princess Elida could be a recurring character in any espionage or pulp adventure game possibly as a friendly competitor to the causes of the PC’s.

Notes: Based on a character from the book The Spy Paramount, by E. Phillips Oppenheim (1934)

Ned Sheridan

Description: Ned is a bumbling detective with the NYPD who seems to always be out on disciplinary leave (although that doesn't stop him from continuing work - much to the chagrin of his boss).


  • Inspector Clouseau (4)

  • Spoiled Son of Wealthy Parents (3)

  • Part Time Poet (2)

  • Amateur Tap Dancer (1)

Tools: badge, gun, parent's charge cards, tap shoes

Hooks: n/a

Tales: n/a