Castaway Characters

Castaway Characters

Mr. Rudy Moneybags

Description: An aging gentleman with an air of sophistication about him.


  • Wall Street Tycoon (4)

  • Country Club Leader (3)

  • Wily Gambler (3)

  • Scrappy Fighter (2)

Tools: wads of money; cards, dice

Hooks: Rudy purposefully caused the accident to the SS Goldfish. He had lost all of his money (all he has left is what he is carrying in all of his bags). He hasn't let anyone know, and thought it would be easier on Mrs. Moneybanks.

Tales: Rudy doesn't tell anyone much of his past...he usually keeps it a secret. Rudy is an orphan who never really knew his parents. He was never adopted but never gave up. He worked hard to get to where he is today.

Now, he comes across as a reserved, well spoken and educated man of wealth and power. The problem is that he has lost all of his money (except for what he has with him). He couldn't stand the thought of disappointing Turtledove (Mrs. Moneybanks), so he arrange for the SS Goldfish to have an accident. He wasn't expecting anyone to survive. Now he is trapped on an island with Conrad Mulligan, Captain Howdy, Dr. Jones, Annie Marie, Cinnamon Star, and Mrs. Moneybags.

Mrs. Rudy Moneybags

Description: An elderly woman who is used to letting others do everything for her.


  • Rich Heiress Who Doesn't Understand the Real World (4)

  • Pampered Layabout (3)

  • Charity Event Organizer (3)

  • Closet Ballroom Dancing Queen (2)

Tools: none

Hooks: Mrs. Moneybags is very nearsighted and can't see much of anything without her glasses.

Tales: Mrs. Moneybags (aka Turtledove to Mr. Moneybanks) has always seemed to have things go her way. The world has been handed to her (and she was spoon fed throughout her life). She married Mr. Moneybanks (the love of her life) and he has continued her pampered existence. She does have a heart of gold and loves doing work for charity (any charity will do).

She thought that the trip on the SS Goldfish that Mr. Moneybags planned out would be a nice diversion. She wasn't expecting the ship to crash. Now she is marooned with Conrad Mulligan, Captain Howdy, Dr. Jones, Annie Marie, Cinnamon Star, and Mr. Moneybags.

Cinnamon Star

Description: Appealing red head who thinks she is more attractive than she really is (although she knows how to make men believe her); always pointing out roles she's played which might apply to a situation (but rarely do).


  • Desperate Out of Work Movie Star Riding on Fame (3)

  • Manipulator of Men's Hearts [3]

  • Movie Trivia Buff (movies starring Cinnamon Star) (3)

Tools: Makeup bag

Hooks: Cinnamon Star will stop at nothing to be the Hollywood IT girl again. Cinnamon also believes that the roles she's played are based on reality (which means she thinks that the world works the way it does in movies and she knows what to do).

Tales: Cinnamon Star used to be the Hollywood's hottest actress (the IT girl). No that she's a thirty something (plus), Hollywood has stopped giving her any attention. She's been getting by hanging out at movie fan conventions, but has hopes that Hollywood will re-discover her again.

She went on the fateful trip aboard the SS Goldfish because she heard that Mr. Rudy Moneybags was looking to finance a movie (and she wanted the starring role). However, he has so far been resistant to the notion.

Now she is stuck on a desert island with Doc Jones, Mulligan, Captain Howdy, Annie Marie, and Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Moneybags.

Annie Marie

Description: A sweet, innocent farm girl with a heart of gold...Annie is helpful and friendly to everyone...just don't cross her...


  • Sweet Farm girl From Iowa (4)

  • Vengeful Ninja [3]

  • Amateur Singer (2)

Tools: various small weapons, lock picks, black clothes

Hooks: Annie Marie must never let anyone know that she is a ninja and must kill anyone who finds out.

Tales: Annie Marie has never seen the ocean, so the opportunity to go on a 5 hour tour seemed ideal. Backpack in hand she boarded the SS Goldfish. Unfortunately, the Goldfish had problems and now she is stuck on a desert island with Doc Jones, Mulligan, Captain Howdy, Cinnamon Star, and Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Moneybags.

Doc Jones

Description: Dr. Peter Jones (everyone just calls him Doc even though no one is quite sure what he is a doctor of) is an iddle aged gentleman who fancies himself an expert on everything.


  • Jack of All Trades (4)

  • Con Artist On The Run from the Law (3)

  • Part Time Inventor (3)

  • Cassanova (2)

Tools: Mega Swiss army knife

Hooks: It's hard for Doc to get around without his cane. He is also wanted by many governmental agencies.

Tales: Life was good for Doc Jones....invent some gadget, get people to give him money for the gadget, tinker around on other things until his next invention. Then he got on that boat for that 5 hour tour. All he wanted to do is avoid questioning by the authorities. Now he is marooned on a desert isle. A part of him actually likes being marooned. He's the unequivocal smartest guy around (and there's a couple of ladies to pick from and lame competition from the other guys), and the law is no where to be found. Thankfully, none of the others know about his run ins with the police.

Captain Bill Howdy

Description: A salty sea fairer, crusty, indeterminate age (but older).


  • Captain of the SS Goldfish (touring boat) (4)

  • Hater of Rock Music (especially Twisted Sister) (3)

  • Ex Captain of the USS Flygate (Patrol Boat) (3)

  • Self Trained Origami Figurine Maker (2)

Tools: none

Hooks: Everyone seems to stay away from the good captain once they find out his name.

Tales: Captain Howdy had a great job captaining the USS Flygate (especially when they fought pirates), until the mid 80s when Twister Sister told everyone to Stay Away from Captain Howdy. He was fired from his job and has become a bitter, bitter man. He has vowed revenge.

Now, thanks to a boating accident, he is marooned with Conrad Mulligan, Dr. Jones, Annie Marie, Cinnamon Star, and Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Moneybags.

Jenny E. Kim

Description: A popular, rich teen girl who, until recently had loved her life, but when her parents yacht capsized she was the only survivor. And that changed everything.


  • Popular girl (4)

  • Rich teen (3)

  • Cook (2)

  • Black Belt (1)

Tools: Diary

Hooks: Very sensitive about her parents death

Tales: N/A

Conrad Mulligan

Description: Skinny young man always wearing jeans, a red shirt, and a goofy hat.


  • Clumsy Castaway (4)

  • Slipshod Sailor (4)

  • Naive Do Gooder (3)

  • Insecure Ladies Man (1)

Tools: None

Hooks: Things always seem to go wrong around Conrad (although they tend to work out in the end).

Tale: Conrad was first mate of the SS Goldfish until it crashed on an uncharted island while on a 5 hour tour. Now Conrad is marooned with Captain Howdy, Dr. Jones, Annie Marie, Cinnamon Star, and Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Moneybags.