Here's a few handy programs for those wanting more Risus on their hard drives.

A GM-focused web app for Risus!

A Risus character generator for Windows. It comes with multiple file export options.

Another Risus character generator, this one in Java.

Risus character database software. For GM's with a lot of players at their table.

A Risus character creator right on the internet. Keen!

Risus Character Template Plus
These templates have been made for quick access to an online character sheet for play-by-post style games. Just go to File and Make a Copy... to add them to your own Google drive!

This online app will automatically generate world-specific names, clichés, and full character sheets. Currently a work in progress - check out the link to see what's up and working already!

This mod for Tabletop Simulator on Steam will allow you to coordinate online games and experience Risus in a fully digital environment! Except for your computer chair; that still has to be physical.

A generator for groovy fantasy characters, including slimes!

User pume+ has created a bot for Discord to roll up dice, Risus style! Instructions for use are here for all your Cliché rolling needs.

Screenshot from the Risus Character Generator