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This is a place for links to other sites that might be of interest to Risus games. They're not Risus-specific sites, rather, they're general RPG info, or random stuff generators, or stock character lists that give inspiration for Risus stuff.

Make certain you check out Risus Links for sites specifically dedicated to Risus.
(the sites on this page are more general in nature)


  • Big List of RPG Plots - S. John Ross' list of plots, subplots, counter-plots, and more!
  • Free Adventures - RPGnetWiki adventures in different genres that can be Risus-ified.
  • Part 1 and Part 2 of the article 'Creating humor based RPG sessions: A Treatise On Humor' - Another way to pull off Risus style campaigns.


Random Generators

Things to Print
  • Trading Card Maker - Thanks to Uncle Bear for this link (and S.L Shirley in the comments)...an interesting idea for making Risus character sheets.
  • Graph Paper Generator - If you happen to need some graph paper, here's a nice tool that is free to use.

  • The Order of the Stick - Rich Burlew's online comic might focus on D&D type of content, but it is all stick figure art.
  • Comic Book Superpowers - A Wikipedia entry detailing various super powers that have been used in the comics.

Various Other Unsorted